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Ommy Kart

By ManChickenTurtle and 1 collaborator

  • DyzioPRO
    DyzioPRO noticed a bug
    I got trapped by invisible wall when camera direction distracted me
    2 days ago
  • bellita6002
    bellita6002 noticed a bug
    Very nice. We need cooler music ;-;
    a month ago
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  • Freddy_Fazbur
    Freddy_Fazbur noticed a bug
    3 months ago
  • Comment deleted
  • murphymurph_21
    murphymurph_21 noticed a bug
    Hey great game i loved it!!! the left arrow and triangle button didnt work after i finished the race. not really a bug but your AI is really difficult. which is good and bad. if you could offer easy/hard modes would be awesome. Great work tho!
    5 months ago
  • goatshead2018
    goatshead2018 noticed a bug
    Great game. Halfway through lap 2 the vehicle got stuck turning right. Ended up going round in a circle
    5 months ago
  • brionesofelia756
    brionesofelia756 noticed a bug
    Great game but the map disappeared mid race causing me to lose
    6 months ago
  • SNRG_Driven
    SNRG_Driven noticed a bug
    Drifting gets you stuck in the animation.
    6 months ago
  • SNRG_Driven
    SNRG_Driven noticed a bug
    According to the controls menu, cross is to brake/reverse, along with square.
    6 months ago
  • Comment deleted
  • Minerrva357
    Minerrva357 noticed a bug
    If you cross finish line. In wrong direction, then recross going the right way it will count as another lap puttin you from last to first pace.
    6 months ago
  • Indigoman71
    Indigoman71 noticed a bug
    I got stuck drifting
    7 months ago
  • ItsWashington17
    ItsWashington17 noticed a bug
    Track showcase doesn't show the track name and doesn't go to the starting line part.
    8 months ago
  • Tomplexthis
    Tomplexthis noticed a bug
    The ai get stuck at places and are 15% Faster than Players, had 2 stuck, they need a soft reset if they lane out or get stuck, requires an ai that watches them
    8 months ago
  • adrian_96marcos
    adrian_96marcos noticed a bug
    More racers please
    9 months ago
  • iSlom187
    iSlom187 noticed a bug
    9 months ago
  • LegoLad--
    LegoLad-- noticed a bug
    After i got hit by a rocket my kart steered 2 the left, also the weapon boxes take to much precision to hit them
    9 months ago

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