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  1. Blank Puppet (Deluxe)

    Blank Puppet (Deluxe)

  2. Blank Sliding Platforming Puppet

    Blank Sliding Platforming Puppet

  3. Artio


  4. Connie


  5. Blank Puppet (Basic)

    Blank Puppet (Basic)

  6. First Person Character

    First Person Character

  7. Kumi


  8. MechaWhale


  9. Chick


  10. A very Plane character
    2nd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Best Character

    A very Plane character

  11. Zomborg MK1

    Zomborg MK1

  12. Tyrannosaurus Klarakat Puppet

    Tyrannosaurus Klarakat Puppet

  13. Siren Head

    Siren Head

  14. Utopian Interitus No°4

    Utopian Interitus No°4

  15. Blue Team

    Blue Team

  16. Fps gore test

    Fps gore test

  17. Anastasia the Messenger Mage
    1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Character

    Anastasia the Messenger Mage

  18. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix

  19. Megapenguin


  20. Chinese Dragon - WIP

    Chinese Dragon - WIP

  21. Orange Team

    Orange Team

  22. Allie - WIP

    Allie - WIP

  23. Seamless Realistic Female Base

    Seamless Realistic Female Base

  24. Sonic The Hedgehog kit

    Sonic The Hedgehog kit

  25. Remix of Spider-Man (V.2)

    Remix of Spider-Man (V.2)

  26. ITT's Advanced FPS Template V.6.4

    ITT's Advanced FPS Template V.6.4

  27. Otto, transforming robot car

    Otto, transforming robot car

  28. Ghidorah 2019

    Ghidorah 2019

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