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Ommy Kart

By ManChickenTurtle and 1 collaborator

  • DarkArkani-2201
    DarkArkani-2201 left some feedback
    Funny game :D
    4 days ago
  • JotunNeko
    JotunNeko left some feedback
    You've got a pretty solid creation on your hands already. Could do with more powerups though. And when yo ufall behind, you seem to be screwed.
    2 weeks ago
  • SlayerVlade
    SlayerVlade left some feedback
    Keep doing a great job my man.
    a month ago
  • ShaneBrock
    ShaneBrock left some feedback
    Nice wan
    a month ago
  • ullar89ullar89
    ullar89ullar89 left some feedback
    This is almost infinately fun. Good job :)
    a month ago
  • Mikegem
    Mikegem left some feedback
    Not bad at all
    a month ago
  • hamzaxmohammed
    hamzaxmohammed left some feedback
    I liked the look but physick are bad
    a month ago
  • chilaum51
    chilaum51 left some feedback
    Very Nice
    a month ago
  • bodek39
    bodek39 left some feedback
    2 months ago
  • alex0905658
    alex0905658 left some feedback
    Great game
    2 months ago
  • Rankeli3
    Rankeli3 left some feedback
    Okay racer
    2 months ago
  • zasuoy
    zasuoy left some feedback
    Like it alot keep up the good work
    2 months ago
  • Bhay99
    Bhay99 left some feedback
    Need more useful powerups
    2 months ago
    INFANTX left some feedback
    Great but are your own missiles ment to lock onto your kart if there is no targets ahead?
    3 months ago
  • mantis9137
    mantis9137 left some feedback
    Pretty cool. By biggest critisism would be that the power ups seem useless and feel like you put them in since you thought you had to. Maybe replacing them with coins to see who gets the most would be more of an incentive to get them.
    3 months ago
  • manuwan
    manuwan left some feedback
    Very good race game, but the speed of the player's kart is too slow compared to the CPU's (Sorry if i wrote anything bad, i'm spanish :P)
    3 months ago
    MERCiLESSENDINGS left some feedback
    Something that appears to be missing or at least need to be improved is a catch up feature. you do not want any of your players being too far behind because the game becomes dull when the action is too spaced. You want your players to stay at the edge of.
    3 months ago
  • SlyCoopRacoon
    SlyCoopRacoon left some feedback
    Controls dont feel very natural (Ex: R2 being used to look back rather than throttle). Also it says x & square are both brake/reverse when x is throttle.
    3 months ago
  • Gaming_Gaara
    Gaming_Gaara left some feedback
    Game is fun and has great potential. Iwould addmore exciting music and more levels.Multiplayer would be a good addition as well
    3 months ago

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