RESETTING... Also known as Vie (You'll see me as Vie_Twitch on a few streams)

I am a ~competitor~ === I go by the name Vie #IAmDriven #TeamIsEverything


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I played LittleBigPlanet 1 and 3, under the name sharpshot49 (which I may not have access to anymore!). My favorite levels on LBP are the "OH NO!!! THE PRINCESS!!!" series by CaptainCowboyHat.

I then focused on a few first-person shooter games. But I wanted focus on all types of skills in multiple genres of games, and Dreams became a perfect place for that 😁 .

I have been able to learn a great deal about myself and how I can keep improving, while also getting to know many talented creators and players on both a personal level and in general, and it's all thanks to being a part of this Dreams community.


~Dreams-related information~

Beta and Early Access Dreams player

Not much of a creator, more of an avid player. Interests: puzzles, platformers, minigames, and CHALLENGES. I would love to play any co-op teamwork games as well.

Please do send me any challenging dreams you know of. I am planning on releasing collections of my proudest accomplishments in Dreams, as well as collections of my favorite dreams, and a collection for those I found difficult to complete.

If you want to compete against me on any specific dream, I will welcome any request. But you'd better be ready to play hard!

Or if you need some guides on how I completed a dream, or want to see videos of my runs, let me know!

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