I'm currently working on assets and games. Check them out!: kianbroom Rodekirby Alex_Eris Supermouse0211 There's no way to get this number of followers 53/100 leave game ideas in the comments please

Bonus info: - i decided to not delete internet (high sentimental value, you know) - i also know wingdings if u want to know: ●︎□︎□︎🙵 ♓︎⧫︎🕯︎⬧︎ ⧫︎♏︎⌧︎⧫︎ ♓︎■︎ ⬥︎♓︎■︎♑︎♎︎♓︎■︎♑︎⬧︎ try translating this ;)

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