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European Semi Truck (NXS)

By Nitro-Arts7472

  • TheLOSToneNL
    TheLOSToneNL left a comment
    Awesome stuff
  • JettMcfarlane67
    JettMcfarlane67 left a comment
    Good creation!
  • ElDavisimo
    ElDavisimo left a comment
    Jeez laweeez, your creations are so detailed and are all high quality! Yes that is the correct spelling of "laweeez", and no one can change my mind. I do not have the patience to sculpt, anything good anyway lol!
  • blookbug
    blookbug left a comment
    Beautifully modelled lo thermo work, as always
  • Dark_Bluebirdin
    Dark_Bluebirdin left a comment
    T R U C K
  • lHumiIiate
    lHumiIiate left a comment
    This is yummy
  • toxxics_
    toxxics_ left a comment
    incredible, as always
  • WILF2007
    WILF2007 left a comment
    These are top notch!
  • TitaniusGodzilla
    TitaniusGodzilla left a comment
    Thank you Nitro! I can make a City
  • KorBot04
    KorBot04 left a comment
    i uk i left europe!!!
  • Fraggle_Finder
    Fraggle_Finder left a comment
    Fantastic Work
  • MrsFletch3
    MrsFletch3 left a comment
    Great! Would make any game more realistic
  • wickedman784
    wickedman784 left a comment
    Great job !
  • Errant_Wraith
    Errant_Wraith left a comment
    Amazing, as always.
  • GONZZO_94
    GONZZO_94 left a comment
    Nice work
  • slendoid
    slendoid left a comment
    Good job, these look awesome!
  • unicornkd1210
    unicornkd1210 left a comment
    They look real and there very detailed! Good job! 😄
  • talc33
    talc33 left a comment
  • spooder_manz123
    spooder_manz123 left a comment
    Finally, something sent to me that i might actually use
  • Carambazmg
    Carambazmg left a comment
    Very detailed, great job.
  • Piko_-I-
    Piko_-I- left a comment
    Oh yes, nice truck ! Thk's for sharing
  • youssef_is_sad
    youssef_is_sad left a comment
    I think they are called lorries
  • normal_boi
    normal_boi left a comment
  • RabidDevilBadger
    RabidDevilBadger left a comment
    Nice to see you are still creating amazing things. :)
  • RedSeikatsu-
    RedSeikatsu- left a comment
    Theres something primal and comforting with these trucks.. The memory of being sleepy while travellingg at night and you reach a toll or truck stop. Everthing is silent except the truck engines. Bliss.
  • Nosferatu80555
    Nosferatu80555 left a comment
    I Love it .
  • Zupaton
    Zupaton left a comment
    Your devotion to actual specs are outstanding and this is no exception! Thanks for sharing. :)
    SKEME_DBT left a comment
    Incredible!! Thanks for sharing
  • thirsty12345
    thirsty12345 left a comment
    Good job on the thermo.

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