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European Semi Truck (NXS)

By Nitro-Arts7472

  • Online-travel
    Online-travel left a review
    Это Очень хорошо
  • Lawloo-13
    Lawloo-13 left a review
    Very good... 👍
    FIATEARTHER101 left a review
    Incredible! This type of quality is outstanding and hard to find. Nice work, nitro!
  • Appolonius
    Appolonius left a review
    Excellent work! One of my fav genres is trucking/hauling. :D
  • OogleSquid
    OogleSquid left a review
    Very detailed models. Nicely done! I may have uses for these in future.
  • Liquid_snake14
    Liquid_snake14 left a review
    Great Model.
  • Zenn_CA
    Zenn_CA left a review
    This is amazing. Attention to realistic detail is sure your style and i love it.
  • CuriousSack
    CuriousSack left a review
    Wow! Bravo! 👏 I'm speechless and bow to you! Amazing models! ❤️
  • LucidDreamChaser
    LucidDreamChaser left a review
    One of the best asset creators in Dreams is at it again!
    Amazing work as always. The level of detail is extraordinary.
    It never occurred to me that semi-trucks would vary in appearance from one country to the next, so I learned something interesting here!
  • erzrys
    erzrys left a review
    Amazing details!
  • SinocTheHodgeheg
    SinocTheHodgeheg left a review
    Super impressive
  • spns08
    spns08 left a review
    Very good :)

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