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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
2nd Annual Impy Awards Winner: Best Sculpture

Pumpkin Spice

By SootyPinions

  • Kellychu
    Kellychu left a review
    Really cute design and beautiful music, I love the Autumny feel! Amazing work again :)
  • skaraXXVI
    skaraXXVI left a review
  • wutoupal
    wutoupal left a review
  • Mazz_93rco
    Mazz_93rco left a review
  • xEmberzx_
    xEmberzx_ left a review
    Atmospheric brilliance.
  • bigchill10000
    bigchill10000 left a review
    The details are awesome great job !
  • HorizonKratos
    HorizonKratos left a review
    C est beau
  • blaze_blzz
    blaze_blzz left a review
    This is so simple but also so beautiful and just peaceful especially during fall this might be my favorite dream.
  • ReDragone96
    ReDragone96 left a review
    Very good
  • LaughsAtTheDPA
    LaughsAtTheDPA left a review
  • Bonazzo914ever
    Bonazzo914ever left a review
    Nice work ;D!
  • Sp3qtrumz
    Sp3qtrumz left a review
    Love it <3
  • Dark_Reflection0
    Dark_Reflection0 left a review
    Incredibly beautiful
  • AwlBidnz
    AwlBidnz left a review
    I can smell Fall in the air! Breathtaking attention to detail and ambiance
  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a review
    Vai Corinthians
  • TracioLaguna
    TracioLaguna left a review
    Its ok. Need much more furniture
  • AyyRobo
    AyyRobo left a review
    Very nice :)
  • MondoGirl
    MondoGirl left a review
    The colour scheme is gorgeous, and the level of detail is amazing.
  • ArcticWoIf-15
    ArcticWoIf-15 left a review
  • Shanowy
    Shanowy left a review
    A place to unwind. Beautiful, and the falling leaves gave it something magical.
  • ChewbaccaRoar
    ChewbaccaRoar left a review
    Very nice
  • rotanoize
    rotanoize left a review
    Wow so realistic and calming
    NAME-PLZ left a review
    Wow! Makes me want to visit a local cafe.
  • PhantomDreem
    PhantomDreem left a review
    Wow the set is so detailed and I love how it just glows at night. The music makes it so very calming to. Really good work!
  • cubanclaw
    cubanclaw left a review
    Wow lost myself in there
  • Delfigalo23
    Delfigalo23 left a review
    Really love it.

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