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Leaf Surfers

By ghostfruit64

  • everythingbean
    everythingbean left a review
    Them critters wouldn't leaf me alone :(
  • AJBD831
    AJBD831 left a review
    Great controls and level design
    SPINEBLOOD left a review
    Super fun!
  • searingburrito
    searingburrito left a review
    Your work is consistently whimsical and fun. Keep it up!
  • TheLOSToneNL
    TheLOSToneNL left a review
    Wow so cool.Well done
  • ClioDeVil
    ClioDeVil left a review
  • yannemal
    yannemal left a review
    That was fun and the music was also catchy
  • atheistsw
    atheistsw left a review
    This is an absolute delight! Fantastic level design and visuals, fun gameplay, just fix the boost issue then make more tracks please! :-)
  • SNRG_Driven
    SNRG_Driven left a review
    Once again, you've combined both lovable and thrilling features together to create an exhilarating and beautiful game! The expert design makes it feel like this is a minigame from a high-profile game, put into Dreams!

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