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Leaf Surfers

By ghostfruit64

  • right_on_time
    right_on_time left a comment
    This is great! I've been trying to make a downhill slider but I'm struggling, do you have any tips?
  • AroundThePlanet
    AroundThePlanet left a comment
    Ayyy that's pretty good
  • MissingDoubloon
    MissingDoubloon left a comment
    The music is so good! Very fun ideas well executed! I got lost wondering if I was accessing a secret path or was going where I was supposed to, and still had fun all the way!
  • DEEJAY8595
    DEEJAY8595 left a comment
    Very fun
  • Notamuffin24
    Notamuffin24 left a comment
    No one else has pointed out that this is just like the MarioKart map? Maple Treeway is the name or something? Whatever, I always liked the map so it's a good thing that this is similar 😄 great job.
  • Giddygoon
    Giddygoon left a comment
    I love the part the thingymbobys push you into a hole.
  • superafroboy
    superafroboy left a comment
    Nice work!
  • EliEatsEggs1258
    EliEatsEggs1258 left a comment
    Literally only upvoted 2 things for Autumn and this was one of them
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    The visual style and game design is stellar, some tweaks to gameplay needed but really good dream. Well done
  • Nitro-Arts7472
    Nitro-Arts7472 left a comment
    Nice wholesome fun. Simple and beautiful. What more can I say?
    Great job :)

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