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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

A Haunted Mansion - VR Compatible

By MrSandwiches

3: Designed to play with Comfort Mode off
  • k-zZARAKI
    k-zZARAKI left a review
  • ba534sic
    ba534sic left a review
  • skaraXXVI
    skaraXXVI left a review
  • giugg92
    giugg92 left a review
  • PapaWolf070310
    PapaWolf070310 left a review
    It's very Nice
  • gamemast15r
    gamemast15r left a review
    A nice, fun comedy horror walking sim
  • DavideXXVII
    DavideXXVII left a review
    Good job!
  • ZephirBlood36
    ZephirBlood36 left a review
    Good !!!
  • Franco_Tech
    Franco_Tech left a review
    Great game
  • clintor24
    clintor24 left a review
    The train ride section was incredible! So much creativity on display here. I won't lie, it genuinely creeped me out a couple time. So impressed!
  • NeedBrains
    NeedBrains left a review
    This is my favorite dream
  • speed19barialien
    speed19barialien left a review
    So cool
  • LittleWask
    LittleWask left a review
    Insanely cool in VR! So scary!
  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a review
    Vai Corinthians
  • Hardrockkiller
    Hardrockkiller left a review
    I like it, BUT:
    The flashlight is almost useless.
    Dialogues / events replay every time I walk close.
    "You need a key" only shows while holding square on the basement door.
    Giant doors can be opened.
    Also I found out there's no actual danger very early on.
  • AyyRobo
    AyyRobo left a review
    Very nice :)
  • BestUsername----
    BestUsername---- left a review
    Very good! Can see a lot of resident Evil inspiration.
  • AmIN-ToPOl-93
    AmIN-ToPOl-93 left a review
    This has absolutely no right to be this good being a dreams game. Seriously better than a lot of "Premium" vr experiences. Well done. 10/10
  • CARL0S-P1NT0
    CARL0S-P1NT0 left a review
    Muito legal!
  • ChRoNuS_
    ChRoNuS_ left a review
    Great visual, Great creation congratulations!
  • Shanowy
    Shanowy left a review
    That was awesome!
  • JehovahsWitless
    JehovahsWitless left a review
    A very complex and atmospheric bit of horror that actually tells a story, should you complete the whole thing. (Which is entirely possible; there's no fail state, as far as I can tell.)
    Definitely a must-play.
  • ccsvita
    ccsvita left a review
    I liked the gameplay!
  • ErwinWH
    ErwinWH left a review
    An atmospheric haunted house ride. Full of details and really well made. My only complaint is that it is a little to dark to see. Apart from that it is really enjoyable to play. Congrats!
  • Valkyworld
    Valkyworld left a review
    Very very good. Gran juego y diferentes recorridos.

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