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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

A Haunted Mansion - VR Compatible

By MrSandwiches

3: Designed to play with Comfort Mode off
  • Hollow_Reaper_1
    Hollow_Reaper_1 left a comment
    MeeMaw done eated me like im some sort of Meat loaf
  • jruasntdianll
    jruasntdianll left a comment
    Is there a good ending
  • moonbat9000
    moonbat9000 left a comment
    That was awesome!
  • colossal_uptake9
    colossal_uptake9 left a comment
    make cyber punk ps 5
  • Spart94
    Spart94 left a comment
    Great game
    CANNON_SMOKE left a comment
  • Buschilol
    Buschilol left a comment
    Is there a reason that the attic is optional? Like a second ending?
  • usaf-lifer
    usaf-lifer left a comment
    Very cool, keep up the good work
  • ckygirlie898
    ckygirlie898 left a comment
    Great level, well done :)
  • Quantum_Merge
    Quantum_Merge left a comment
    Loved it. The train ride was amazing. This is simply amazing work !!!
  • Rev_RX
    Rev_RX left a comment
    Loved it
  • Johnny4429
    Johnny4429 left a comment
    Brooo... That was been so epic this game. I have been eaten by a undead witch! XD congrats!! I know that there are so many things to do. For example I need to go in basement. Or attic, whatever is. I liked.
  • Johnny4429
    Johnny4429 left a comment
    Nope nope nope nope. I'm too scared. I can't continue. XD I'm sorry... But liked so that maybe I can continue later. You guys are cursed doing horror games and putting first person. Because you know that I'm too sensitive with the horror games. XD
  • BaconianToo
    BaconianToo left a comment
    Amazing! Iloved the train ride in VR.
  • KOLDpieceOFwork
    KOLDpieceOFwork left a comment
    Tooo scary help
  • BallyBoy_95
    BallyBoy_95 left a comment
    Still my favourite Dreams level of ALL time!
    SAZAM left a comment
    Awesome !!!
  • ComaEcliptic
    ComaEcliptic left a comment
  • Eastcoast_XD
    Eastcoast_XD left a comment
  • waldermangopuree
    waldermangopuree left a comment
    The monster scared the _ out of me
  • meathammer2000
    meathammer2000 left a comment
    This is great! Nice work!
  • linkthedestroyer
    linkthedestroyer left a comment
    Very good

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