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Silent Hills (Full Game)

By DrJones20

  • Scarlet-nova1999
    Scarlet-nova1999 left a review
    That was amazing and great length the ending comes out of nowhere lmao but great job
  • OmenDisigma
    OmenDisigma left a review
    Wow Great Work!
  • Kosmo3525
    Kosmo3525 left a review
  • ZubWubBandit
    ZubWubBandit left a review
    Man, I can't believe I missed this for so long. I've seen it multiple times and never played it. I gotta say, I missed out! This game really captures that detective/horror atmosphere. If you need any help, I'm here!
  • LetsRock-82-
    LetsRock-82- left a review
    Awesome work ! You are really talented
  • oThousand
    oThousand left a review
    Wow! Well done!
  • LostRaider1984
    LostRaider1984 left a review
    Put together really well nice game
  • DroxzyFPS
    DroxzyFPS left a review
    This game is amazing, It has more to what the Konami P.T had. 12/10
  • Franco_Tech
    Franco_Tech left a review
    Great game
    APE_MONKEY_BOY21 left a review
    Remember playing this in 2019 and being blown away by what Dreams was capable of as we were learning the tools, playing this again with the graphics update really makes a huge difference. We have all come a long way since the beta.
  • Navdensea1
    Navdensea1 left a review
    Thx for the multiple heart attacks. Great work, definitely captures the spirit of the originals in a way that the series has lacked for a while.
  • horrorkid125
    horrorkid125 left a review
    I enjoyed reall well done when u gonna update the rest of the new grafics to the game
  • Arturvaccari15
    Arturvaccari15 left a review
    Muito bom o jogo"Very great the game"!
  • Feign4u
    Feign4u left a review
    UwU well done!
    xXTHEREAPERXx6 left a review
    good start... horrible ending... you should be ashamed.
  • redbyst
    redbyst left a review
  • LuciferSainttt
    LuciferSainttt left a review
    Very Beautiful Gameplay. I enjoyed the start, but then it kinda went downhill after, causing me to be confused on the story. The ending was funny, but left us on a cliff-hanger. Anyone reading this you NEED to play this if your a SH fan. Good Job.
  • Silly_Lycan
    Silly_Lycan left a review
    Really good, tighten up the puppet's turn/increase turn speed slightly
  • mindless222
    mindless222 left a review
    I need to show this to my friend who is a HUGE fan of silent hill and that ending was amazing
  • Churi_Swiftblade
    Churi_Swiftblade left a review
    Excellently done! Having played all Silent Hill games, you captured the feel quite well! I like the use of the controller speaker and fourth wall breakage. I thought the final few minutes were a bit out of place, but figured it worked in lieu of a UFO end
  • DET-0209
    DET-0209 left a review
  • aM_RapiidZ
    aM_RapiidZ left a review
    An amazing game it is unbelievable
  • JEFF_Digits
    JEFF_Digits left a review
    Unbelievable amount of effort went into this, it's clear! The scope and size of this is well beyond anything else on Dreams, amazing! And I genuinely did not see that ending coming haha! Thanks for all the effort :)
  • AyyRobo
    AyyRobo left a review
    Very nice :)
  • Jiffy-Jaff
    Jiffy-Jaff left a review
    These enhanced graphics are looking incredible so far

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