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Silent Hills (Full Game)

By DrJones20

  • TokyoGraphene
    TokyoGraphene left a comment
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  • FARB123
    FARB123 left a comment
    Nem sei o que falar, conseguiu me fazer acreditar que esse seria o jogo original
  • osvma2
    osvma2 left a comment
    Fantastic !
  • s-corp
    s-corp left a comment
    HENNETH_PULLER left a comment
    Great game! This was actually a lot of fun with some cool easter eggs xD
  • retegricsi
    retegricsi left a comment
    Ommgg this is the best remake!!!
  • thederpknight123
    thederpknight123 left a comment
    Correct me if im wrong but didn't kojima say this was long as hell??
  • Antarctica
    Antarctica left a comment
    Great atmosphere
  • saow_theOVERLORD
    saow_theOVERLORD left a comment
    Hella trippy experience but it was pretty good
  • dennis_danny5775
    dennis_danny5775 left a comment
    I cant play it?
  • cooldude2144
    cooldude2144 left a comment
  • kovykg
    kovykg left a comment
    Bro its Daryl dixon
  • JayZero_PS
    JayZero_PS left a comment
    Top engrossing Dream! I haven't finished, but just about everything (except for misspelled captions) is flawless. Great details, action, and story. Also, sick cover page.
  • Comment moderated
    CHROME-COLOSSUS left a comment
    Genuinely intriguing!
  • cyberius1300
    cyberius1300 left a comment
    just lemme see the comments
  • colossal_uptake9
    colossal_uptake9 left a comment
    make silent hill 5 game today yes are no
  • SpeedyMyles
    SpeedyMyles left a comment
    What's the age rating of this game, I started playing it.
  • Catguy276
    Catguy276 left a comment
    Game is so good!!! But the boss fight is too hard i cant progress
  • biggen14169
    biggen14169 left a comment
    Umm, is it weird that my parents gave me a glowing, spinning, and somewhat floating triangular prism in my room called the "Flaurous of worlds"? Its an actual ancient artifact and now im scared, I MEAN IM ONLY ELEVEN AND I HAVE TO DEAL WITH DIMENSIONS?!
  • Futurecloud
    Futurecloud left a comment
    It looks great. A massive improvement on the visuals.
    Any thoughts about getting more voice actors?

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