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The Missing Constellation

By gauffreman and 1 collaborator

  • AlekseyTheGreat
    AlekseyTheGreat left a review
    Very good
  • BlackPhantom1394
    BlackPhantom1394 left a review
    Interesting, beautiful and peaceful! Great work
  • MystGames124
    MystGames124 left a review
    Well thought of and a interesting game! The character is creative and the music is beautiful as it brings peace with a calm melody. An adventure with piano music with space reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy. Great work!
  • samuelbh1970
    samuelbh1970 left a review
    Cool character design!!
  • Franco_Tech
    Franco_Tech left a review
    Very Great game
  • Simbu-GT
    Simbu-GT left a review
    WOW! I love this! The music is beautiful and the landscape is Amazing!!
  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a review
    Vai Corinthians
  • PatMagnum
    PatMagnum left a review
    Very poetic and classy. It seems to be a mix of Death Stranding and Journey.
  • ToyingWitYou
    ToyingWitYou left a review
    This is amazing, my friend shareplayed this with me and it made me want to buy dreams
  • itadori_jujutsu-
    itadori_jujutsu- left a review
    Very very Good :)
  • Deustitan
    Deustitan left a review
    Beautiful, profound, otherworldly. I'd love to see a sequel to this Dreams Masterpiece.
  • Zack_147852369
    Zack_147852369 left a review
    This blew me away and subverted everything I thought was possible in Dreams. I now live in terror that you might release a full-fat game that I'll have no choice but to sink 5-10 hours into. Absolutely superb
    GILBEENO left a review
    Love this, very peaceful
  • BrEtT-ThE-HiTmAn
    BrEtT-ThE-HiTmAn left a review
    Awesome little vr game, the model scale looks great
  • Makudo333
    Makudo333 left a review
    Great idea
  • ultrajay25
    ultrajay25 left a review
    I ve been wanting to play since last year, finally took the time to get the chance. Amazing Work Of Art
  • kou_had
    kou_had left a review
    STUEHRMANN left a review
    Great environment
  • twintowers08
    twintowers08 left a review
    This was amazing, i have never seen something more beautiful likt this
  • SnakexReloaded
    SnakexReloaded left a review
    Literally prettiness in a dream. Prettiest thing ive ever seen
  • MightyBullMcCabe
    MightyBullMcCabe left a review
    Wow amazing
  • corexi_635
    corexi_635 left a review
    I'm very impressed by the modelisation and by the game itself. The ambience is great. I love to fly around the land and over the lake. My favorite game on Dreams. Just beautifull... I hope there will be other levels.
  • Skeuomorpheus
    Skeuomorpheus left a review
    Just like a dream :-)
  • Lapis91
    Lapis91 left a review
    The most beautiful I have ever seen so far
  • temp-1056450
    temp-1056450 left a review
  • Cliffsellers
    Cliffsellers left a review
    Love this! Reminds me of Journey. Would love a little more track variety. Still touching!! 4.99/5
  • hardstone2015
    hardstone2015 left a review
    Amazing! The creator did an incredible job.
  • CaptainKittensMD
    CaptainKittensMD left a review
    Outstanding work. Flying around in VR is a lot of fun!

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