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The Missing Constellation

By gauffreman and 1 collaborator

  • the_dark_soul99
    the_dark_soul99 left a comment
    very nice game i love it <33
  • American_Matt
    American_Matt left a comment
    Stellar game
  • SluFoot_48
    SluFoot_48 left a comment
    Speechless, incredible
  • Valve-Rayane
    Valve-Rayane left a comment
  • PortalBone
    PortalBone left a comment
    I love this picture!
    It reminds me of black panthers helmet resting on a piano. Wakunda forever! Aww man i loved that movie! Sorry for the random rant. A resting piano just adds a sense of regality. This detail here is superb
  • JayZero_PS
    JayZero_PS left a comment
    Dude. There's no reason for to make something so gorgeous. I love the mechanics and progressive piano. The guy has one of the sickest helmets I've ever seen. I don't like how the camera is fixed when you fly, but otherwise fantastic.
  • KelCortex
    KelCortex left a comment
    Musicalmente relaxante e agradável. Curti!
  • Daughter_OfChaos
    Daughter_OfChaos left a comment
    I really love this game! I played it a while ago but its cone across my mind now and again. Id love to see it expand!!
  • XTron38
    XTron38 left a comment
    Very relaxing and paceful... Great experience very original
  • meathammer2000
    meathammer2000 left a comment
    Beautiful, what an amazing game!
  • linkthedestroyer
    linkthedestroyer left a comment
    Absolutely incredible
    SIRITHUNGOL left a comment
    Incroyable, ca m‘a rappeler le jeu "journey"
  • GardeniaUS
    GardeniaUS left a comment
    Great game
  • dagelf
    dagelf left a comment
    What does the piano do? ... Why is the view fixed to the ground when gliding high?
  • Cobbelpot85
    Cobbelpot85 left a comment
    Can you added more levels, please ? ^^
  • twtealio
    twtealio left a comment
    Awesome content
  • darkotakashi
    darkotakashi left a comment
    Death pianing XD
  • OriDBZ1
    OriDBZ1 left a comment
    10/10 one of the best
  • Dirimer
    Dirimer left a comment
    Awesome, i played during a long time on the piano at the end :D

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