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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

LUNE - A Text Adventure


  • peroero
    peroero left a review
  • monado935
    monado935 left a review
    Really Unique and simple but interesting
  • gameboyjjf
    gameboyjjf left a review
    A lovely little bite sized game; make some more!
  • OkieDoKees
    OkieDoKees left a review
    I have always loved choose your own adventure stories, and this one delivered! It was dark and intriquing! A++ as always on your writing skills Trix and creating an immerise storytelling experience for your players. I LOVE IT! Well done sir!
  • Dark_Reflection0
    Dark_Reflection0 left a review
    Love this
  • Shedarkc-Cloud9
    Shedarkc-Cloud9 left a review
    Artistic writing is remarkable! Well done
  • iammybeloved2012
    iammybeloved2012 left a review
    My...My...My it seems its about Alastor.
  • CARL0S-P1NT0
    CARL0S-P1NT0 left a review
    Muito legal!
  • lewxam27
    lewxam27 left a review
    Immersive but the font is too thin and the colors make it irritating to read
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  • atheistsw
    atheistsw left a review
    Finally got around to playing this and the subject matter definitely caught me off guard but gave me added impetus to replay the different paths! Great writing style and the use of sound was very well done too, a real narrative gem!
  • arepera
    arepera left a review
    I'm not proud but I'm not hungry either. Great writing and solid implementation. I'll definitely keep coming back to find all endings
  • slowBY071
    slowBY071 left a review
    Interesting concept, congrats!
  • unMohammed
    unMohammed left a review
    i love it
  • YFNrango
    YFNrango left a review
    Love it
  • BARMY4
    BARMY4 left a review
    I have only played one walkthough and even though it was a text advenure Rpg i was very invested in the story, a werewolf reporter trying to live as humanily possible while tempted by his baser instinct, if you have any more you want to do, do it!
  • QueenSayel
    QueenSayel left a review
    Worth a read. Highly recommended
  • Kittenoichi
    Kittenoichi left a review
    What an amazing story! It's really well made!

    I have three suggestions to make it even more fun to play:

    1. A skip button to cancel the text animation.

    2. An in-game reset option.

    3. Using the D-Pad to select answers instead of the cursor
  • the_Timme
    the_Timme left a review
    Beautiful style! Love those textadventures, working on one myself right now, but your design is something else! Great work!
  • RadLaddy
    RadLaddy left a review
    Absolutely loved this <3 <3
  • FusionHulk
    FusionHulk left a review
    I was hooked from the start! Great job
    MC_NOISY left a review
    Wow, I ended up well fed. Cool game Trix.
  • efficacious_FJ1
    efficacious_FJ1 left a review
    That was awesome
  • FlashMedallion
    FlashMedallion left a review
    Finally got to sit down and play, this was really cool 👍 👍 👍 Looking forward to trying more branches.
  • Nasir_113
    Nasir_113 left a review
    This is fantastic. Great writing, sound design, presentation & fun with multiple endings. Effective storytelling as you become immersed in the character and his internal conflict. Highly recommended!
  • The1GiantWalrus
    The1GiantWalrus left a review
    Really like this game! The story is great, and the delivery of the story is perfect.
  • InsaneAlphaBeta
    InsaneAlphaBeta left a review
    Amazing work! i think this is my favorite thing you have made thus far! Very well written, as a writer myself i loved the story-telling and unique direction! Well done! I would love to go into a more detailed review, but i aint got much to work with.
  • Darkcloudrepeat
    Darkcloudrepeat left a review
    Well constructed story that is just the right length. Mechanically there is a few minor issues, and replay value heavily declines as there is no way to 'display all' on pages. Still a great Dream, I'd love to see more text adventures.
  • TheJoeTeam
    TheJoeTeam left a review
    An excellent text adventure! The writing and sound design are the stars of the show here. Really great piece of work.
  • RAKeogh
    RAKeogh left a review
    That was fun! Well written concise descriptions that are easy to read. Played two different paths so far and the story doesn't feel disjointed or contrived like it can do in some of these things. I liked learning more about the character on 2nd play. Gggg

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