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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

LUNE - A Text Adventure


  • gameboyjjf
    gameboyjjf left a comment
    I hope there's a sequel.
  • AshyBugg09
    AshyBugg09 left a comment
    Very Fun Game! Loved the different options and seeing what all i could do! Deserves a meow from me!
  • ImpQuest
    ImpQuest left a comment
    Muito legal!
  • Brunokoc
    Brunokoc left a comment
    Absolutely incredible. If you could publish a rough template so other people can make this, id be an amazing service to the community. Thx
  • Kissho_TealRose
    Kissho_TealRose left a comment
    Someday, if possible, I would love if you make like a tutorial showing how you make this game. Love your asthmatic and story 💜
  • SZ73
    SZ73 left a comment
    Excellent work, Trix! Hope you explore this style some more, brings back old school vibes :)
  • KhaosQZ
    KhaosQZ left a comment
    I don't have to play the game to tell you put hard work into this. The logo looks very professional. Nice job.
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    Patch note - Accessible text option added
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    25.03.21 patch note: 2nd playthrough unlocks text animation speed increase toggle option
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    Patch Note: Dark mode added
  • LucidDreamChaser
    LucidDreamChaser left a comment
    I'm definitely gonna come back and leave a full review of this. For now, I'm just gonna say:
    It's amazing! But...
    Please include some kind of button input to speed up the text. That'd be a really welcome feature, especially for repeat playthroughs!
  • HuMpRiEs
    HuMpRiEs left a comment
    This is awesome
  • Ian-Mitchell
    Ian-Mitchell left a comment
    Damn, the writing in this is incredible. Keep up the good work.
  • Comment deleted
  • NinjaMicWZ
    NinjaMicWZ left a comment
    Very cool. Great writing, presentation, structure and execution. The genuine Polybius machine was a nice touch. I love this kinda storytelling and will be back later for more endings.
  • Dr_WhoData
    Dr_WhoData left a comment
    I feel full! Thanks for the meal :)
  • Kwizzam
    Kwizzam left a comment
    Neat! I'll have to play this again sometime for a different ending :]
  • Shadow_66607
    Shadow_66607 left a comment
    wow... no words EXEPT i can imagine a character for "Player" a human that can transform into a wolf.
  • OcularFixation
    OcularFixation left a comment
    Excellent story telling and writing style. And a unique addition to the Dreamiverse.

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