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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Sound Design

The Backrooms

By Syntronic_ and 1 collaborator

  • RedneckKitty
    RedneckKitty left a comment
    Im back in this conversation thingy again
  • CocoCrispy791
    CocoCrispy791 left a comment
    Love this game. I felt liked I was actually in the backrooms.
  • dennis_danny5775
    dennis_danny5775 left a comment
    Ima try this but if i die and/or get jumpscared, "F THIS SHI IM OUT" XD
  • Uncle_Herp
    Uncle_Herp left a comment
    Lets go up
  • halayz_2033
    halayz_2033 left a comment
    I liket but is scary
  • LoursTyran
    LoursTyran left a comment
    Une suite infini plz
  • XxShining_Galaxy
    XxShining_Galaxy left a comment
    Scared the heck outta me when I heard "HEY"
  • dustywolfe77
    dustywolfe77 left a comment
    So scary i don't want to play it its very good
  • raw-ogee13
    raw-ogee13 left a comment
    Nothig said just this game its amazing
  • Venlafaxine96
    Venlafaxine96 left a comment
    Hmm interesting i love the concept of backrooms
  • spencer_bradley
    spencer_bradley left a comment
    Add levels
  • NKA_2017
    NKA_2017 left a comment
    i survived for 20 min the game is ez and that one entity appear in flashlight was pushing me and came with a loud noise like AH MA EARS
  • EdPro060405
    EdPro060405 left a comment
    Nice and how do you do that way
  • ZWOF_12
    ZWOF_12 left a comment
    I was surviving for like 5 mins, and then I heard a "hey". And then LEFT THE GAME IMMEDIATELY, lol.
  • aerassault0108
    aerassault0108 left a comment
    The invert doesn't work
  • NadrojXD7
    NadrojXD7 left a comment
    This game is amazing and gives me [HYPERLINK BLOCKED]
  • Oats_False2017
    Oats_False2017 left a comment
    Nice game
  • a7xfoREVer420666
    a7xfoREVer420666 left a comment
    I've been wanting to play that, it's pretty cool
  • uli14082
    uli14082 left a comment
    Me senti muy asustado y me encanta mucho! Hay mas niveles?
  • XthatXirishXguyX
    XthatXirishXguyX left a comment
    Hello, great game you have here! But I have a question, how did you make it to where you could only play the game all at once and where you can't veiw the map, I can't seem to find out how so if you could please tell me how, it would be appreciated.
  • fly-jaded955
    fly-jaded955 left a comment
    Too scary to even play!
  • L1ttlestar714
    L1ttlestar714 left a comment
    This is too scary even 3 minutes in! First backrooms game i ever played and i cant even play it lol.
  • not_sus25
    not_sus25 left a comment
    Love it

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