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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.
1st Annual IMPY Awards Nominee: Best Sound Design

The Backrooms

By Syntronic_ and 1 collaborator

  • Musm
    Musm left a review
  • Comment deleted
  • gamemast15r
    gamemast15r left a review
    Captures the Backrooms feeling
  • electricdecades
    electricdecades left a review
    Love this
  • Clilceaser
    Clilceaser left a review
    Sooo uh... What's the lighter all about?
  • Comment deleted
  • MisterTterevel
    MisterTterevel left a review
    As someone who just heard about "The Backrooms" creepypasta recently. I say this game is absolutely chilling to play, same can go to anyone who has a fear of the unknown. Definitely would recommend.
  • Car_max_
    Car_max_ left a review
    Can you make vr ver?
  • job2cool
    job2cool left a review
    I can't describe this game other than amazing.
  • Thom-Thom555
    Thom-Thom555 left a review
    I'm scaerd
  • NKA_2017
    NKA_2017 left a review
    Pls update the game its good
  • Mangamaniac71
    Mangamaniac71 left a review
    TAiLS_-MILES left a review
    Cool game ;)
  • Comment deleted
  • Desperado_ii
    Desperado_ii left a review
    Your game is cool
  • Black_Husky76
    Black_Husky76 left a review
    Crazy poo
  • Alnabhani90909
    Alnabhani90909 left a review
    This game is awesomely fantastic!
    But whats the point ofwandering around this place if there is no stories ,nor goals, nor endings.
    Please making more new updates, new features, new contents, and more!
    Overall beautiful game!
  • MrPaddy678
    MrPaddy678 left a review
    This game is pretty cool and scary
  • ulasderboss
    ulasderboss left a review
    I love it!
    MASTERCRAFTER23 left a review
    It's so scary.
  • raggedROBO
    raggedROBO left a review
    Honestly, i love this so much, admittedly i left at 11 min because the anxiety was killing me! XD
  • PeadudeYT
    PeadudeYT left a review
    Great Game
  • AshleyJames09
    AshleyJames09 left a review
    This game is frightful,fun and more
  • RSF240
    RSF240 left a review
    I do always find it fun to just play this game every once in a while, although I do wish there was more to do in it, such as objectives, or even just an ending or way to escape. Other than that, this is a well made Dreams classic that everyone should try.
  • Franco_Tech
    Franco_Tech left a review
    Good job
  • Mervasted
    Mervasted left a review
    Scary,mistery,BACKROOMS and your watch

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