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  • dontkickmychick
    dontkickmychick left a comment
    2 weeks ago
    Yo are you alive
  • SNRG_Driven
    SNRG_Driven left a comment
    7 months ago
    I see The Magic Acorn in the Autumn Wonderland jam! So you are still on Dreams! Some beta/early access creators have become inactive, at least it seems so, and I thought you were one of them.
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    8 months ago
    I saw the update and dove straight back in. I love golden valley and i really hope you plan to pick up development again. Im a fan. Do you plan to do more work on the game?
  • Hypertronik
    Hypertronik left a comment
    a year ago
    Alright thx for mentioning about it 👍
  • malula
    malula left a comment
    a year ago
    Really wonderful <3
  • fatadeum11
    fatadeum11 left a comment
    a year ago
    Will there be a remixable version in the future?
  • Suthurnur
    Suthurnur left a comment
    2 years ago
    How do you not have more comments?! I dig your style and the H.P.L. quotes really help draw things together. Great work!
  • lewisc729
    lewisc729 left a comment
    2 years ago
    Is pt playable now?

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