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Hi, I'm Hypertronik! You can call me Alex if you want.
I'm a 19-year-old musician from LBP who is currently taking a passion for music outside of dreams. My links are below if you wanna follow my work.

Sounds From The Underground:

"Choral chants and thunderous bass accompanying an enormous imp’s ascent is certainly an audacious way to open an album, but for Hypertronik’s Sounds From The Underground, this overture is almost quaint compared to its contents. Running close to a gargantuan four hours, the electronic musician’s fifty-track compilation is a sound design smorgasbord, jumping from sci-fi infusions in tracks like Dreamer Seed, to Sorrow Souls’ drum and bass melancholy. Combined with smooth presentational flair, this is as complete as interstellar rave albums get. There are even six bonus tracks for dedicated fans, ranging from new edits to original beats." (Dreamview Weekly Roundup #40)

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