First Person Character

By MmOfficial

  • GamerDraven
    GamerDraven noticed a bug
    No gun is present... Aka, Broken gun logic when weapon is "activated"... Maybe the gun is deleted.
    a month ago
  • lilmonsterdemon
    lilmonsterdemon noticed a bug
    When you shoot a bunch a times and run into a wall hands will detach
    a year ago
  • Denjo92
    Denjo92 noticed a bug
    Shooting in the air and then moving quickly onto a surface, emits a projectile impact, because the emitter inside the bullet is still present to emit an impact where the laser sensor of the gun detects a hit.
    a year ago
  • GamerBrownie_2
    GamerBrownie_2 noticed a bug
    When the gun is disabled and the character respawns you can see him quickly put away the gun. You shouldn't be able to see that when respawning.
    a year ago
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