First Person Character

By MmOfficial

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    11 months ago
  • theShepherd
    theShepherd left a comment
    Great for Minecraft-ish games.
    11 months ago
  • VersedGK
    VersedGK left a comment
    How do you adjust the speed for puppet?
    a year ago
    • Lil_MagicKid30
      Select the puppet and press Tweak Selected or press l1 + square while hovering over the puppet with your Imp to go to the tweak menu, then just increase the run and/or walk value(s).
      a year ago
  • KeldBjones
    KeldBjones replied
    Hi! There is a keyframe in the puppet called Remap Thresholds. Activate this to Invert. There is a remixable example in my profile but it is heavily modded, a bit complex and has no shooting mechanics.
    a year ago
  • NickyJamJam
    NickyJamJam left a comment
    How do i get things to react when shot?
    a year ago
  • ConstableSR
    ConstableSR left a comment
    Scary logic.
    a year ago
  • dukegonzo1331
    Link whichever button you wish to use to a keyframe with that setting on?
    a year ago
  • perepe
    perepe left a comment
    How can I see and edit the projectile? I see how to set a new one in the emitter options but I don't see how to edit the current one
    a year ago
  • perepe
    perepe replied
    The gun is disabled by default, there is a switch in the main chip to activate it.
    a year ago
    • wettos_son
      wettos_son replied
      Where is this switch located?
      6 months ago
  • ChrisGoesClutch
    ChrisGoesClutch left a comment
    That logic made me cower
    a year ago
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