Blank Puppet (Basic)

By MmOfficial

  • AWSOMEninja2004
    AWSOMEninja2004 left a comment
    Thats blank
    4 months ago
    CANNON_SMOKE left a comment
    Thanks for your awsome contribution to my creation couldn't do it without you ;)
    Sackfamily Christmas
    Check it out
    9 months ago
  • dylansbigplanet
    You need to add it in.
    a year ago
  • puamdefoke
    puamdefoke left a comment
    Anyone knows how to paste premade sculpture Like head to this for it to actually work?
    a year ago
    • LiveEfedMe
      LiveEfedMe replied
      Zoom all the way out. Inport then while selected zoom into part you want it on.
      a year ago
  • JEFF51006
    JEFF51006 left a comment
    a year ago
  • Nicnic1447
    Nicnic1447 left a comment
    a year ago
  • PushinUpPixels
    PushinUpPixels left a comment
    Real OG
    a year ago
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