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Blank Puppet (Basic)

By MmOfficial

  • yellowwindow7
    yellowwindow7 left a comment
    what's the different between the deluxe and basic?
  • leeuwpaard
    leeuwpaard left a comment
  • Aran_U
    Aran_U left a comment
    A remix of: Blank puppet (Deluxe)
    Deluxe came first bruh
  • bwmitchell
    bwmitchell left a comment
    is gud pupet :)
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  • mummy5boys1980
    mummy5boys1980 left a comment
    Blue bob is better
  • AuroraSiren
    AuroraSiren left a comment
    Basic ftw
  • CodesIV
    CodesIV left a comment
    Ahhh yes the one that started it all...
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  • CatKing_331
    CatKing_331 left a comment
    He got removed from the Gameplay Gear menu :(
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  • Sak-Boi2019
    Sak-Boi2019 left a comment
    Aaa the old one
  • AWSOMEninja2004
    AWSOMEninja2004 left a comment
    Thats blank
    CANNON_SMOKE left a comment
    Thanks for your awsome contribution to my creation couldn't do it without you ;)
    Sackfamily Christmas
    Check it out
  • puamdefoke
    puamdefoke left a comment
    Anyone knows how to paste premade sculpture Like head to this for it to actually work?
  • JEFF51006
    JEFF51006 left a comment
  • Nicnic1447
    Nicnic1447 left a comment
  • MupChap
    MupChap left a comment
    Real OG

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