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Art's Dream

By MmOfficial

  • MikeyDaScallywag
    MikeyDaScallywag left a review
    I just finished Art's Dream, and I honestly don't know what to say. I was not expecting such a beautiful finale, nor did I think I would be truly, truly moved. I plan on looking for the music featured here that I may enjoy it for much longer.
  • NyleK_16
    NyleK_16 left a review
    I like it
  • DreadWhoop
    DreadWhoop left a review
    It's incredible how easy this could of been a standalone release. The production values are immense. It is a little plodding to repeat whole sections from one missed collectible though it is an authentic experience. Love you Mm!
  • seat092necessary
    seat092necessary left a review
    Life editing
  • Fudrtudr
    Fudrtudr left a review
    This will be a memory from 2020
  • HuevosEnMiBoca
    HuevosEnMiBoca left a review
    Incredible. Thank you Mm.
  • Billy-VI
    Billy-VI left a review
    What a wonderful experience ! Thank you Media Molecule !
  • AGK82
    AGK82 left a review
    Alle Blasen sammeln ist nervig, sonst ganz gut.
  • the-blue-tiger93
    the-blue-tiger93 left a review
    I love this game
  • The_Butcher134
    The_Butcher134 left a review
  • G4rf13ld1Totoso
    G4rf13ld1Totoso left a review
    This good map dreams
  • jackhargin6
    jackhargin6 left a review
    Wow s
  • RX-_-jjj-1
    RX-_-jjj-1 left a review
    GRAY_HAZE7 left a review
    Nice short experience
  • N_Vadim_N
    N_Vadim_N left a review
  • buenoofspain
    buenoofspain left a review
  • eldexterrr
    eldexterrr left a review
    Este juego es un juegazo, crei que con LBP2 Mm la habian sacado del parque pero con Dreams se fueron a otro nivel, muy buen campaña y muy emotiva impresendible si te gustan historias tipo Celeste, y en mi opinion Art's Dream lo hace muchisimo mejor
  • Xariov
    Xariov left a review
    Loved it <3
  • Ekonoms
    Ekonoms left a review
    Fantastic dream with all sorts of gameplay mechanics showing that there is almost no limit to imagination. Must play!
  • modi939
    modi939 left a review
    Best game ever
  • THomAS__GRimES_
    THomAS__GRimES_ left a review
    Nice game
  • dean301_
    dean301_ left a review
    This was genuinely an amazing experience. It has enough substance to be it's own thing entirely, yet it was all made using only Dreams. It truly serves it's purpose to show what Dreams is really capable of, and to inspire others to create. 10/10 :)
  • spotless-hut7
    spotless-hut7 left a review
  • DankOnline
    DankOnline left a review
    I've always been a fan of Media Molecule, and with this short but sweet game, there is no doubt in my mind that no matter what genre or story they'll tackle...
    I'll be there to play it.

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