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Art's Dream

By MmOfficial

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  • BobbyLoaky06
    BobbyLoaky06 left a comment
    MM Why don't we making the sequel of Art's Dream this game will be working and fun! MM making now please!
  • osvma2
    osvma2 left a comment
  • Diego_Z6237
    Diego_Z6237 left a comment
    Juegaso es muy divertido e interesante
  • XxHakkeMann88xX
    XxHakkeMann88xX left a comment
    Sag was nettes
  • Cr8zy-Jonas
    Cr8zy-Jonas left a comment
    I hope You add chapter 2 arts Dreams Pls me And my friend like arts Dreams
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  • moony-lettuce22
    moony-lettuce22 left a comment
    Fantastic game me and my 9year old really loved playing. 4 thumbs up 10/10
  • Thnayan_Alas6orh
    Thnayan_Alas6orh left a comment
    Its cool . But i didnt play it :)
  • dewy_boss69
    dewy_boss69 left a comment
    Well played out
  • slippy71
    slippy71 left a comment
    Great game!!! Marvelous
  • Dom-di-Dom
    Dom-di-Dom left a comment
    Weird, but fun. The gameplay in certain parts reminded me of old, classic games
  • KingKool180
    KingKool180 left a comment
    This was genuinely an amazing game. LBPforever
  • Terminatr2012
    Terminatr2012 left a comment
    It is so beautiful and it has alot of passion. It's a really heart touching story. The thing I love about it is that, Art starts having old memories about stuff he loved and his childhood fears. Great job, I can see you put alot of time and effort in it.
  • Natered
    Natered left a comment
  • JohanLiebert88
    JohanLiebert88 left a comment
    Short but funny and clever campaign
  • Sly_Davidson
    Sly_Davidson left a comment
    I LOVE the song at the end. It's "Time Moves Slow" by BADBADNOTGOOD if anyone is interested :)
  • FluffyDregcake
    FluffyDregcake left a comment
    This was very cool
  • Mac-Cheese2019
    Mac-Cheese2019 left a comment
    Amazing experience, great gameplay, great story
  • xFLA13x
    xFLA13x left a comment
    Foxy is a pirate, foxy is red.
  • PlatinumIon
    PlatinumIon left a comment
    Это творение изменило мою жизнь.
  • CITO_A_S
    CITO_A_S left a comment
    Muy wapo
  • alvesfilhos87
    alvesfilhos87 left a comment
    Bom de mais

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