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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.


By Intrattackout

  • gamemast15r
    gamemast15r left a review
    Nice job!
  • crilhb
    crilhb left a review
    Very good
    BLZE__DRAGON left a review
    Very well done! And the mechanics are beyond amazing!
    DENIZMONTICELLI left a review
  • YodaSan2
    YodaSan2 left a review
    Nice job
  • samuelbh1970
    samuelbh1970 left a review
    Very cool, the movement is so smooth that it got me to finish all the levels!!
  • adamthegoodguy6
    adamthegoodguy6 left a review
    I love it
  • ohwolfie84
    ohwolfie84 left a review
  • scifiguy123
    scifiguy123 left a review
    Been holding off on playing this game for a while. Glad I finally did. A high quality FPS game.
  • Gagu1969
    Gagu1969 left a review
    Really, really cool but please continue the game why it could be the game of the year but you have to improve in the graphic for gun,background,the ambient.For the rest is really really cool.Keep it up
  • AyyRobo
    AyyRobo left a review
    Very nice :)
  • zombi_1975
    zombi_1975 left a review
    Wow! Nice intro!
  • obam_as_lastname
    obam_as_lastname left a review
    A truly wonderful game, i just wish weapon swap was on triangle or bumpers
  • BestUsername----
    BestUsername---- left a review
    Very cool game, just wish the other weapons saw more use.
  • Cpt-Bumeyes
    Cpt-Bumeyes left a review
    Couldn't get out of the first area. Uncertain witch direction to go in. Why have jump and dash with X and O when could use L1, L2 so my thumb is free to turn me in the air. Would make the free running easy.
  • NAMELESSplayer09
    NAMELESSplayer09 left a review
    Awesome game
  • nothing0510
    nothing0510 left a review
    I like this Dream,but it needs optimization I cant even get 30 fps on a ps4 slim!
  • tillingdevin34
    tillingdevin34 left a review
    Absolutely incredible ! The variation of environments and enemies really keeps you on your toes throught the entire game! (side note love the movement system.)
  • thelizardking333
    thelizardking333 left a review
    Super well done. I end it and I love it. Thanks.
  • kennyNotkidstill
    kennyNotkidstill left a review
    decent doom clone for dreams. but It's surprisingly polished!! not a great or solid one nice one to add your dreams list.
  • royalphantom132
    royalphantom132 left a review
    Can you pleas make a tutorial on projectile shooting it'd be really helpful
  • Comment deleted
  • TrainerBlueYT
    TrainerBlueYT left a review
    VERY GOOD 10/10
  • Jaguares
    Jaguares left a review
    Love the fast paced gameplay, and the similarities to doom are great as Doom is one of my favorite games. After a couple of more tweaks and tuning this will be a top game on Dreams. Love that it also still feels unique from other similar games.
  • j1nx1672
    j1nx1672 left a review
    YAY karlson 3D came out early

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