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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.


By COB-Commander

  • skaraXXVI
    skaraXXVI left a review
  • hippo_pot
    hippo_pot left a review
  • lordsohail161
    lordsohail161 left a review
    I never found my soul...
  • aztaaskh
    aztaaskh left a review
    It's So Easy But Still So Fun
  • XxRISE_B1ak3xX
    XxRISE_B1ak3xX left a review
    Very hard but extremely rewarding! In this game it feels so good to see that "respawn" text after being stuck on a puzzle for 15 mins. Overall a very fun short experience, 8/10
  • samuelbh1970
    samuelbh1970 left a review
  • Wirtheless
    Wirtheless left a review
    Finally! Miyazaki sees reason; releases a Soulsways Platborner. Fun stuff, instant respawns make any mistake go down smooth. BGM and noise effects were a bit much for my taste, but that's pure preference.
  • TheJoeTeam
    TheJoeTeam left a review
    Tough, but never too frustrating. Quick respawn and regular checkpoints made this fun to play through.
  • arbaazk1999
    arbaazk1999 left a review
    Sooo metal
  • zombi_1975
    zombi_1975 left a review
  • HuntersTale
    HuntersTale left a review
  • Dead_Kings_Crown
    Dead_Kings_Crown left a review
    Great game!
  • SN94KE
    SN94KE left a review
  • Enlong
    Enlong left a review
    Good stuff.
  • SethualLord
    SethualLord left a review
    Awesome! Please make more levels!
  • xX88GamingXx
    xX88GamingXx left a review
    Challenging and refreshing
  • DaGameshooter
    DaGameshooter left a review
    Just didnt like thecharacter model
  • Filosofem1988
    Filosofem1988 left a review
    It was pretty tricky, I gotta say. Cool concept!
    VOESSY left a review
    Activated my stubbornness to highest gear, thank you for generous respawns.
  • narvikgutten
    narvikgutten left a review
    xPiLOTJONESx left a review
    Yes!!!!! More please!!!
  • GRAY_63
    GRAY_63 left a review
  • MyPoeticJustice
    MyPoeticJustice left a review
    Definitely a challenge. Want to play more!
  • o0Tsub0o
    o0Tsub0o left a review
  • stayfractalesque
    stayfractalesque left a review
    Game this hard should have a platinum!
  • shakeheartbreak
    shakeheartbreak left a review
    PRAISE THE.. SON OF A BTCH WHO DESIGNED THIS GAME! Deliciously brutal checkpointing, providing not the challenge I thought I wanted but the challenge I NEEDED. Stunning aesthetics too. My bonfire has truly been lit.
  • JUUL_LORD_420
    JUUL_LORD_420 left a review

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