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Tetris 1人用テトリス

By simora2873

  • bandwagner
    bandwagner left a review
    Best tetris game on DREAMS
  • dewteliflower25
    dewteliflower25 left a review
  • SuperVillainZim
    SuperVillainZim left a review
    Absolutely impressive.
  • Fonso747
    Fonso747 left a review
  • KaRni573
    KaRni573 left a review
    Nice, ty
  • RogerCintra
    RogerCintra left a review
    Very good
  • CARL0S-P1NT0
    CARL0S-P1NT0 left a review
    Muito legal!
  • ChRoNuS_
    ChRoNuS_ left a review
    Great game must fun
  • Crazydog55_
    Crazydog55_ left a review
    I love it
  • slowBY071
    slowBY071 left a review
  • IceBoyUnique
    IceBoyUnique left a review
    Very nice, enjoyed crazy twists towards level 15 :)
  • DrEldarion
    DrEldarion left a review
  • crazycry90
    crazycry90 left a review
    A little slow
  • KingNoahX07
    KingNoahX07 left a review
    Graphics need to be better
    There should be initial speed options
    Too slow paced
    The grid should not flip upside-down if not wanted
    Needs better immersion
  • AuroraHistoire
    AuroraHistoire left a review
    It felt a bit stiff.
  • EinEgomane
    EinEgomane left a review
    Like it but its too slow
  • nickitens
    nickitens left a review
    Fun, but that music is too loud. An option to turn it off would be nice
  • Sundersnake
    Sundersnake left a review
  • Seldariku
    Seldariku left a review
  • blindgaenger6988
    blindgaenger6988 left a review
    Game feels a bit clunky and blocks need 1 second to appear. Probably a quick fix for a problem. Currently the cleanest version on dreams, but there is still room to improve. 6/10
  • Strongblade
    Strongblade left a review
    An excellent rendition of Tetris, a little buggy with blocks that get stuck in place when they should be cleared. Still addictive as ever.
  • Nix-Nox
    Nix-Nox left a review
  • Jannik_Sereinig
    Jannik_Sereinig left a review
    Great Work!
  • Gonzo7166
    Gonzo7166 left a review
    Decent version of tetris
  • Moa_Rocker_1985
    Moa_Rocker_1985 left a review
    Excelente recriação do Tetris. Parabéns!

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