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Avatar Glider Minigames (Just Testlevel for now)

By Elca_Gaming

  • PatMagnum
    PatMagnum left a comment
    Where's my unobtainium, Zuko? I need it.
  • goldlama2000
    goldlama2000 left a comment
    Played in vr,Awesome!
  • fondogiuu
    fondogiuu left a comment
  • gabes718c
    gabes718c left a comment
  • DottorMarcus
    DottorMarcus left a comment
    Very good
  • baenabe2
    baenabe2 left a comment
    Im stuck in the glider too!!!
  • Harry_Putter45
    Harry_Putter45 left a comment
    How do you get out of the gliding part? Seriously how?
  • Captain-Doomore
    Captain-Doomore left a comment
    How can I leave the glider in the test level, I can't figure out how to get back to the main game.
  • abrasive-bee721
    abrasive-bee721 left a comment
    Its so smooth. Great job
  • jcpennythe3rd
    jcpennythe3rd left a comment
    This would be super cool as a cartoon! The concept is realy great
  • TonyPearlJam
    TonyPearlJam left a comment
    Breahtaken by all Ur work !
  • Moxie-Nova-XIII
    Moxie-Nova-XIII left a comment
    Youve gone viral, well done
  • merano2
    merano2 left a comment
    Could you plz share your controller/camera options or show them onYT? The level is not remixable?
    THECRAZYPOTATO21 left a comment
    Feels really good to play the controls are on point
  • P_MAC78
    P_MAC78 left a comment
    Can't wait to see more
  • Crymson_Fang
    Crymson_Fang left a comment
    I've been watching you create this on YouTube, great level so far and you're a good YouTuber, hope to be as big as you one day

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