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Lovecraftian Horror

By MadPropz101

    SEETHROUGHAppear left a review
    Your background platforming is cool!
    Interesting enough i am looking to give the best quality reboot to an lbp1 original series and i am interested if we could collaborate on a demo project
  • KwikDrawer
    KwikDrawer left a review
    Cool. Are you still working on it?
  • Joshuwa-420
    Joshuwa-420 left a review
    Nice work
  • Adaminho11
    Adaminho11 left a review
    Good 1
  • Grimm_child
    Grimm_child left a review
    I well be upset if the full game does not come out
  • dalektable
    dalektable left a review
    Can't wait to see more.
  • TheChocoboLord
    TheChocoboLord left a review
    Just your average day on Earth: being terrorised by an elder god from the 74th dimension
  • newdivide34
    newdivide34 left a review
    Looks great so far
  • g4macdad
    g4macdad left a review
    Dats it!
  • DomG-PS
    DomG-PS left a review
    Cool atmosphere, can't wait to try it in VR.
  • IsekaiProtagkun
    IsekaiProtagkun left a review
    I love anything lovecraftion, really digged the atmosphere of the level. Also fun fact the name of H.P Lovecraft's cat was...well just look it up.
  • TheCapedCrepe
    TheCapedCrepe left a review
    0/10 - mind still mostly intact after seeing eldritch horror. Jokes aside nice atmosphere!
  • Kong0311
    Kong0311 left a review
    I like the atmosphere you made.
  • Bigfootmanandtoe
    Bigfootmanandtoe left a review
    Very nice, i found a way to get outside of the barrier by the way. 😉
  • worntreads
    worntreads left a review
    Very nice ambience. The twisty bits over the buildings are a really nice touch
  • Otterpoet
    Otterpoet left a review
    Reminds me of an old-school survival horror. Brilliant work!
  • mdkdisdreaming
    mdkdisdreaming left a review
    Cool teaser!
  • Space_Insomniac
    Space_Insomniac left a review
    Dripping with atmosphere. Can't wait to see what lies beyond.
  • jack_jab
    jack_jab left a review
    I love Lovecraft! Can't wait to play more
  • Finn_the-human25
    Finn_the-human25 left a review
    I really like the vibe it sets. Good stuff!
  • henryhopkinbrown
    henryhopkinbrown left a review
    Good golly, what an intro. Beautifully atmospheric! Looking forward to the next section.
    CURTROCK left a review
    I do NOT want to know what lurks beyond! Yikes ! Great atmosphere. Nice.
  • RadLaddy
    RadLaddy left a review
    Such a good muted feeling of dread. The best thing.
  • madduey
    madduey left a review
    cant wait for more. fyi best glass ive seen in a dream so far
  • Ardntx
    Ardntx left a review
    Never opened a door that intensly 😱

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