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2nd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Scare of the Year, Best Audio Design

Left to Rot [HORROR]

By Denjo92

  • bloise100
    bloise100 left a comment
    How Do i Acsess Debug
  • SUP3Rshad0w1436
    SUP3Rshad0w1436 left a comment
    How did you make the ai not always know your location?
  • stewyend
    stewyend left a comment
  • PopTheTart24
    PopTheTart24 left a comment
    Cool monster
  • BrickThought
    BrickThought left a comment
    Now i remember why i made a fangame :O
  • BrickThought
    BrickThought left a comment
    Best horror game in Dreams by far
  • Doubled_Egg
    Doubled_Egg left a comment
    Great game bro it was such a thrilling game to play 10/10
  • walissonfox
    walissonfox left a comment
    I love your creation keep it up
  • dR__SaYtAn--
    dR__SaYtAn-- left a comment
    He look like a roach
  • GameStudioX
    GameStudioX left a comment
    can you make part 2
  • GameStudioX
    GameStudioX left a comment
    when will it be part 2 coming out
  • Grothraw
    Grothraw left a comment
    Very atmospheric and genuinely scary though a few bugs did spoil the immersion a bit. Probably fixable but I got stuck to the walls several times when escaping and couldnt move. Overall a great horror game for dreams
  • karimiscoool_16
    karimiscoool_16 left a comment
    The firist Scary game on Dreams
  • Armadillos1989
    Armadillos1989 left a comment
    Looks like the basement at my workplace lol. Seriously scary stuff top notch!
  • Shoebox72
    Shoebox72 left a comment
    Really cool hahaha
  • Thundercatz_007
    Thundercatz_007 left a comment
    There Is A Glitch Where I Can Go Outside The Map Through Some Grass Patch In A Wall, It Has No Collision And I Lost My Light After Falling And Had To Restart
  • Hamster-WP
    Hamster-WP left a comment
    Best horror game of Dreams
  • Minedalpaca
    Minedalpaca left a comment
    Good game but could use more scott
  • MCrewDude
    MCrewDude left a comment
    Monster design is awesome and scary

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