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2nd Annual Impy Awards Nominee: Best Audio Design, Scare of the Year
CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Left to Rot [HORROR]

By Denjo92

Thrown into an old underground prison to rot for eternity for the crimes you've committed.

A short horror game with enemy AI, multiple options in approaching rooms as well as random loot and treasure chests for that extra thrill and replay value
  • Played 61,203 times by 40,822 dreamers
  • Played for a total of a year by the coMmunity
  • 15,447 thumbs up
  • Used in 178 creations
  • 1,839 followersView followers
  • Watched on Twitch for 5 days

"Make sure to check out the Model Viewer in the main menu after escaping from the prison. I added more lore to the characters and props. There is also a button to turn on Developer Comments, where I talk about random stuff. Like the creation process or how some mechanics work behind the scenes.

Press the touchpad to enter the options menu. From there you can select to go back to the main menu."


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