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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Ultimate 6-in-1 Retro Game Multicart

By surrounded_

  • alwcf
    alwcf left a comment
    This is great. Well done.
  • unsaid_bumper
    unsaid_bumper left a comment
    What song is this?
  • YodaSan2
    YodaSan2 left a comment
  • Resecle
    Resecle left a comment
    Them: Yeah I multitask

    Also them:
  • stage325light
    stage325light left a comment
    This is actually really cool!
  • JayZero_PS
    JayZero_PS left a comment
    That's insane. I do not have the mental capacity to handle three games at once, much less six! Very creative idea for this Jam. Shame you couldn't make the deadline.
  • lolx94
    lolx94 left a comment
    So cool
  • Syn_Stalkera
    Syn_Stalkera left a comment
    It's cool
  • tupacshakur54390
    tupacshakur54390 left a comment
    Insane O_O
  • Se7enPsychopaths
    Se7enPsychopaths left a comment
  • feterroso
    feterroso left a comment
    Good game!
  • RogueEmpire559
    RogueEmpire559 left a comment
    Good stuff
  • dfisher8319
    dfisher8319 left a comment
    Is the highest score eight minutes or eight hours?
  • DreamBeem
    DreamBeem left a comment
    My Brain...
    Very Fun And Creative Though
    Im Never Gonna Stop Until I win
  • Pierre_NN_Gamer
    Pierre_NN_Gamer left a comment
    This game is very crazy! And i like that!
  • Kropotkin
    Kropotkin left a comment
    This is so much fun. Having to check everything in a split second is maddening.
  • ParanoidKidB
    ParanoidKidB left a comment
    Absolutly brillant!
  • Madden08_Wii
    Madden08_Wii left a comment
    Stress: The Game
  • JenniferIsrael
    JenniferIsrael left a comment
    I meant to put review here srry
  • legrind
    legrind left a comment
    Nice idea. I love it. But it is really hard.
  • RobertTheKat
    RobertTheKat left a comment
    Super hard
  • Pilobill
    Pilobill left a comment
    Great idea :)
  • nrobin1426
    nrobin1426 left a comment
    Awesome work, i love it! Saludos desde Mexico!
  • SamCreeper07
    SamCreeper07 left a comment
    Why didn't you submit for One screen Jam.

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