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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Drag Flower 2 The Exit

By venwave

  • Sean_Hash
    Sean_Hash left a review
    Great job
  • eruptive-sum5
    eruptive-sum5 left a review
    Very good job congratulations on your work hope to see more from you soon
  • saveliy9726
    saveliy9726 left a review
    You know, this game is one of those examples when wierd doesn't mean bad, That game is a really soulful pleasure! 🌻
  • ella_kitty_cat
    ella_kitty_cat left a review
    Love it
  • Connor133764
    Connor133764 left a review
    Good stuff
  • ajbooboo23
    ajbooboo23 left a review
    Btw i can remix it
  • bunkerbank
    bunkerbank left a review
    Thx for making my day
  • HelenOfBoy
    HelenOfBoy left a review
    Really incredible game! Simple and elegant design and very open to different playstyles.
  • SackboyXR8
    SackboyXR8 left a review
    Thank you for making this Wonderful and calming creation.
  • charmzio
    charmzio left a review
    Beautiful game :)
    THE___TWITCHER left a review
    Very nice but could do with more guns and explosions.
  • Pudazuka
    Pudazuka left a review
    I had a good time exploring this magical world with all its colors and cute drawings. Thanks for giving me the chance to go on this beautiful journey, ven.
    Some of us are seeds, some are already buds but eventually each one of us will bloom.
  • PSVR2-4U
    PSVR2-4U left a review
    Chill AF thank you. ♥️
  • JLCano443USA
    JLCano443USA left a review
    Nice chill game with cool level design and a great ending. Congrats <3
  • CMCS92
    CMCS92 left a review
    What a beautiful level
  • Solzest
    Solzest left a review
    A fantastical feast for the eyes. I loved the soft, vibrant and dreamlike style. I enjoyed the journey, looking forward to more from you.
  • Laidbackcat
    Laidbackcat left a review
    Very nice. Has a bit of a Rez infinite feel at the end. Will come back and try in VR.
  • gek0h
    gek0h left a review
    "A Joyous Romp" -gek0h
  • blizzard1619
    blizzard1619 left a review
    I just love this. I was staring at my screen in wonder the entire time because the art is so beautiful!
  • Space__Ghoul
    Space__Ghoul left a review
    Fun concept, keep it up fam :]
  • Makudo333
    Makudo333 left a review
  • DarkArtorias0
    DarkArtorias0 left a review
    Very Cooll
  • Acid-Plumm
    Acid-Plumm left a review
    One of the BEST levels i ever played. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the music too!!!
  • lugadi
    lugadi left a review
    Made me speechless.
  • Kurgan73
    Kurgan73 left a review
    Really good!
  • girlfromcroydon
    girlfromcroydon left a review
    Beautiful creation!
  • James_Wilson11
    James_Wilson11 left a review
    A beautiful, weird and wacky world. I would expect nothing else from the great Venwave.
  • markjkirkham
    markjkirkham left a review
    A wonderful journey through a huge beautiful world.
  • Bella_Iris
    Bella_Iris left a review
    Thank you for this experience. I wish the world we live in would be as colorful and vibrant as this.

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