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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Drag Flower 2 The Exit

By venwave

  • Merpderp63
    Merpderp63 left a comment
  • pink_pink9
    pink_pink9 left a comment
  • FactuAl_baNana4
    FactuAl_baNana4 left a comment
    This would be beautiful in VR
  • linkthedestroyer
    linkthedestroyer left a comment
    Very fun
  • kaytanna22
    kaytanna22 left a comment
    Finally went back and got the eggs. EZ little addition
  • little_flowerboy
    little_flowerboy left a comment
    This game is so sweet,i love it. Great job
  • Tata_MN2008
    Tata_MN2008 left a comment
  • PlaySoulsGames
    PlaySoulsGames left a comment
    I love it!
  • Alpha-0821
    Alpha-0821 left a comment
    Omgosh I didn't expect to be so moved in the end with the message. Actually crying right now T_T thank you for this beautiful dream! It kept getting more and more pretty as I went along <3
  • xoxoBOXxoxo
    xoxoBOXxoxo left a comment
    Love it
  • Teebonesy
    Teebonesy left a comment
    Aah that was so lovely and charming! Love all the dazzling fx!
  • roobieroo
    roobieroo left a comment
    I hope I sang to all the flowers! This was exactly what I needed today. Thanks!
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    Got 53 petals but no time logged.
  • kaytanna22
    kaytanna22 left a comment
    Well, i beat the dev time?
  • Comment deleted
  • TheOtterbon
    TheOtterbon left a comment
    =O you made a game!? i had no idea. Look forward to playing it!
  • noraleader
    noraleader left a comment
    just checking for comments on what kind of flowers folks is draggin
  • Pudazuka
    Pudazuka left a comment
    Leave it to me to get stuck in a wip area. I couldn't find a way out so I jumped off a cliff and got sent back all the way to the start. Way to go me!
  • DEEJAY8595
    DEEJAY8595 left a comment
    Very cool
  • kaytanna22
    kaytanna22 left a comment
    Pick. Of. The. Week.
  • secretsolver8
    secretsolver8 left a comment
    Words cannot do it justice, but I loved this! Terrific job!
  • TheStalkingDread
    TheStalkingDread left a comment
    Really nice design. A bit like Tearaway on acid! Loved it! Really relaxing and enjoyable to play.
  • FluffyNSassy
    FluffyNSassy left a comment
    That made me smile and a little teary. What a colorful, weird, wonderful world you created. I'm going to keep coming back to this magical place.
  • schreppybroepke
    schreppybroepke left a comment
    That was quite lovely! It started out so small and straightforward, but kept expanding and unfolding -- almost like a blossoming flower, I suppose. Very relaxing, whimsical, meditative and slightly psychedelic in all the right ways -- fantastic work!
  • kaytanna22
    kaytanna22 left a comment
    BRUH, my dream last night was WILD. My mind was going wild coming up with a world and exploring it. I want to make something similar to this in the future. Myself.
  • TRIX9
    TRIX9 left a comment
    I believe i got 144 or so but it didnt post. Argh. Anyway utterly magical just played for 3 hours. Best dream ever!

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