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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

The Outer Depths (Chapters One Through Five)

By greatscott2204

  • skaraXXVI
    skaraXXVI left a review
  • Nadrakk
    Nadrakk left a review
    Nice work
  • oZincr
    oZincr left a review
  • sushi_thief
    sushi_thief left a review
    This dream is a love letter to "Alien: Isolation" with an impressive amount of content. The Dreamiverse is blessed with a dreamer of this calibre.

    Looking forward to ep6!
  • alessinn
    alessinn left a review
  • danbeto01
    danbeto01 left a review
  • stewyend
    stewyend left a review
  • Ranyboi444
    Ranyboi444 left a review
    Really amazing i loved ever aspect of it cant wait for new chapters but tbh it would be better with voice dialogue also would love more weaponry like a knife thanks
  • hippo_pot
    hippo_pot left a review
  • MaruMagaru97
    MaruMagaru97 left a review
  • gamemast15r
    gamemast15r left a review
    Reminds me of Alien Isolation, interesting stuff and I see your development skills improved from this to Pressure.
  • GnarleyTali
    GnarleyTali left a review
  • Boyan818
    Boyan818 left a review
    We want more please!!!
  • trompetero_97
    trompetero_97 left a review
    The entire walkthrough is very generous. I loved the total amount of work you put in the design of the scenario and gameplay. The tension is always present with all the creatures and is amazing. The first mission with triply was incredible. Great game
  • Metal_Sonic
    Metal_Sonic left a review
    The gameplay is great and the graphics but it would be nice on VR
  • H3R0_0F_W0RLDZ06
    H3R0_0F_W0RLDZ06 left a review
    Gameplay 9/10 The controls felt off sometimes but, still pretty solid. Story 10/10 It was interesting to find out about the lore and kept me guessing at every turn. My only gripes are that there are typos sometimes and not alot of voice acting. Reccomend!
  • ESaunders1113
    ESaunders1113 left a review
    Cool, it's basicly SCP
  • pawel-lachhh
    pawel-lachhh left a review
    Amazing graphics, creepy atmosphere and really well done stealth parts. Why does it have only 7k likes?100/100
  • Johnny4429
    Johnny4429 left a review
    It's really Alien Isolation! Top!
  • Davidfalla37
    Davidfalla37 left a review
    Esta genial tu juego ,muy buen trabajo.
  • Makudo333
    Makudo333 left a review
    Scary lol
  • prestywestyy
    prestywestyy left a review
    This game nwas amazing loved it it was scary and fun I'm so hyped Ch 5. :)
  • jeroncho35684910
    jeroncho35684910 left a review
    Its scary and fun!!!

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