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🇺🇸 The American Dream 🇺🇸

By atheistsw and 1 collaborator

  • Azparren99
    Azparren99 left a review
    Love it
  • hippo_pot
    hippo_pot left a review
  • ChrisTehBeast28
    ChrisTehBeast28 left a review
    That Was Fun Reminds Of SlenderMan When You Collect 8 Pages Giving it a 10/10
  • Radox_Redux
    Radox_Redux left a review
    I really wish the day night cycle was slower. That plus the music choices made everything feel more rushed and frantic than it should've. I just wanted to chill in this one. Cool concept though.
  • Memorexia
    Memorexia left a review
    Very realistic suburb, I love the attention to detail! I walk around neighborhoods all day irl and It was very immursive. Where is this based on? I definitely see a southern twang
  • Franco_Tech
    Franco_Tech left a review
    Good job
  • Carnageheart
    Carnageheart left a review
    I played this walking sim in VR and was really impressed. The day/night cycle, the foliage and flags blowing in the wind, the 1970ish vibe, the car models, the beautifully lit clouds...
    This game reminded me of my childhood and I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • Boring_Teacher
    Boring_Teacher left a review
    Lovely design
  • Mehdi_12345
    Mehdi_12345 left a review
  • sylvain59N
    sylvain59N left a review
    Très impressionnant. Ton jeu comporte pas mal de détail ultra travaillé, comme le cycle jour nuit. Le jeu de lumière que tu apporte a ces derniers est époustouflante. Tu a pensez également a inclure plusieurs détail comme la carte, les voitures. GG
  • OptimusCries
    OptimusCries left a review
    Beautiful and strangely nostalgic!
  • Shonuff-X
    Shonuff-X left a review
    Almost got hit by a car honking at me. Thumbs Up!
  • Laidbackcat
    Laidbackcat left a review
    Thats a fine looking level and very atmospheric . Was expecting a race.
    III-IIII-X-II-II left a review
    Extremely beautiful, Extremely realistic, and Extremely authentic. I hope that you release big game with story some day
  • yannemal
    yannemal left a review
    Awesome day night cycle
  • SlimSoupy
    SlimSoupy left a review
    Very well realised :)
  • Lovelain
    Lovelain left a review
    This is a very chill and relaxing game. Easy to lose track of time.
  • Mattias040508
    Mattias040508 left a review
    A small, chill walk through a friendly american neighbourhood. Pretty good. The day time lighting just looked a bit off with the lack of shadows, but whatever. The night time looked completely fine.
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  • Veggiegamer050
    Veggiegamer050 left a review
    Very nice
  • Guizmo2435
    Guizmo2435 left a review
    This is amazing! Love all the houses and cars and the mills and skyscraper in the background.
    THE___TWITCHER left a review
    Stunning level of detail. Looks great in VR, although blurry as heck on my OG PS4 ! Can't wait 'til I get my hands on a PS5 !
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  • Liquid_snake14
    Liquid_snake14 left a review
    It feels like I'm back in Empire Bay. Where is Vito Scaletta?
  • arepera
    arepera left a review
    This is the kind of dreams I love, chill exploration of lovingly detailed environments. Thanks.
  • paul07-_
    paul07-_ left a review
    Soothing and Wonderful! Thank you :)
  • Idiosyncrami
    Idiosyncrami left a review
    Loved it, great style! looking forward to trying it with a ps5 and psvr!

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