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🇺🇸 The American Dream 🇺🇸

By atheistsw and 1 collaborator

  • Wells_91
    Wells_91 left a comment
    This is so cool and beautifully designed, i want to live there. Being from the UK, I've always been interested in the American Dream and suburbia in general. Would sound great with some light jazz like the music from US domestic sitcoms of the 50s/60s.
  • Fivas9
    Fivas9 left a comment
    So good!
  • Biggie_Blue_Boi
    Biggie_Blue_Boi left a comment
    I love it so much, but I fell through the ground I think the mansion
  • Soupys_games
    Soupys_games left a comment
    Welp... I've just beaten the game using only my mouth.
    Speaking of which, I did the same with this message...

    What am I doing with my life...
  • PlatformPro
    PlatformPro left a comment
    Authentic look and representation of the target era. I love the ending. Great job.
  • SuperLuk3678
    SuperLuk3678 left a comment
    Great American scenery. This neighbourhood looks really nice.
  • i20NDriver
    i20NDriver left a comment
    Fantastic dream
  • Soupys_games
    Soupys_games left a comment
    Wouldn't it be funny, if you were to send someone your creation and they would beat all your world records?
    Not that that happened or anything.
  • MrYeetBoi0121
    MrYeetBoi0121 left a comment
    Ok man, sorry for everybody getting mad
  • ElissaHazelnut08
    ElissaHazelnut08 left a comment
    Can you stop sending this to me i'm really not that bothered
  • MrYeetBoi0121
    MrYeetBoi0121 left a comment
    I'm following it, you don't have to send it to me every update
  • camaste3
    camaste3 left a comment
    Cool but why'd ya send me?
  • HeLLKiIIer
    HeLLKiIIer left a comment
    Hello I would like to know if it would be possible to create a good game whith you ?
  • OoxXTheHoundXxoO
    OoxXTheHoundXxoO left a comment
  • jayjaytbm
    jayjaytbm left a comment
    Cool it is good
  • spiYdrz
    spiYdrz left a comment
    Great idea !
  • TjoeT1
    TjoeT1 left a comment
    Very impressive! Love the size of the map, actual and percieved.
  • beanbob101
    beanbob101 left a comment
    Glad you updated so I could actually finish lol. Thanks for using my skyscrapers!
  • McTheOperator
    McTheOperator left a comment
  • Animegod256
    Animegod256 left a comment
  • Negativitroll
    Negativitroll left a comment
    Momento ñ xdxd
  • fish62-
    fish62- left a comment
    Pretty cool, kind of like a more relaxing fallout game. I was wondering around aimlessly for over 30 mins though (i posted a pic) could maybe do with more direction or hints on where to find the items I still needed 6 baseballs, 6 flags and 2 money wads
  • QuantumWasBanned
    QuantumWasBanned left a comment
    This is really cool! Makes me want to sculpt a classic car like that! I guess i'll have to get on that for decemeber 17th lol
  • Nitro-Arts7472
    Nitro-Arts7472 left a comment
    This is a nice change of pace :)
    Too bad that the Dreams PS4 can only handle so much.

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