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CoMmunity creations, picked out by Mm, for your delectation, amusement and inspiration.

Crocodile Dreaming

By Johvork

  • Guttergod
    Guttergod left a review
    Still the cutest thing on Dreams.
  • Younami-Network
    Younami-Network left a review
    Very touching. I was truly moved by this. Almost to tears but I have too many chest hairs for that. Beautiful!
  • shallsoar
    shallsoar left a review
    Its wonderfully simple, but so well done.
  • LucidDreamChaser
    LucidDreamChaser left a review
    Wasn't prepared for the symbolic impact of this! It hit me on a way deeper emotional level than I could have expected. It taps into the wistful, longing ache that comes from the power of imagination and the desire to be more than what you are. Amazing!
  • ScooterMix
    ScooterMix left a review
    Very nice and well done mm pick
  • Br_D_S
    Br_D_S left a review
    Vai Corinthians
  • Fivas9
    Fivas9 left a review
  • Gonzaloll2012
    Gonzaloll2012 left a review
    aw IS SO CUTE
  • Never_Found_30
    Never_Found_30 left a review
    Absolutely adorable! The simple, gentle and smooth textured crocodile contrasts well with the stunning and detailed background. The camera angle and lighting provide a soft chiaroscuro which amplifies the dream like quality in this scene!
  • malula
    malula left a review
    This is magnificent - so much heart - more please <3
  • BleedingRevolver
    BleedingRevolver left a review
    I like this it makes me happy:)
  • LordBruce
    LordBruce left a review
    I did express my appreciation on stream but lets make it official! Awesome piece of entertainment!
  • itsJenSim
    itsJenSim left a review
    Ohhh my heart! <3 this is beautifully done.
  • Jazzmooz
    Jazzmooz left a review
    I'm so confused but it looked fantastic!
  • FDF33
    FDF33 left a review
    Cute :)
  • melka_ashur
    melka_ashur left a review
    Beautiful! Love how its interactive and the camera motion is so immersive. Simple idea, but so well executed. Great work.
  • TheJoeTeam
    TheJoeTeam left a review
    Really charming animation, and I love that you've given us some interactivity in it too. Great song choice using the piano piece from Antyg_ as well.
  • SebastianTeamPD
    SebastianTeamPD left a review
    🐊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • ori-licht85
    ori-licht85 left a review
    Wow jast wow. Its look amazing

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