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Winner of the community jam: 'Halloween'

Good Old Halloween Pinball (best played in VR)

By popeye98800

Retrofiting of a classic pinball of the mid 70's. I've done my best to provide a pinball simulation as acurate and enjoyable as possible. Have fun !

Now with it's own Halloween playroom, a must try in VR.
  • Played 9,818 times by 7,108 dreamers
  • Played for a total of a month by the community
  • 3,015 thumbs up
  • Used in 64 creations
  • 291 followersView followers
  • Watched on Twitch for 12 hours

NEW : Here is the long overdue VR update of this pinball machine!

Scale and UI in VR is now right, and I added brand new flippers, with a more natural physic (game changers !)

I’m quite happy with the result here, this pinball machine really shines in VR, especially with its Halloween update.

Scoreboard has been reset : with the new flippers, I bet the scores can be higher than before.


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