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I'm french and I live in South Pacific (New-Caledonia, if it tells you something). I love creating things (writing short stories, and now creating games in Dreams, of course !)

In the 90's (ages ago), I worked for a short while as a developper in a french video-game company (not a very known one), but then I switched to something more "serious".

Now is the time to come back to game-making and fun activities !

In the first months I enjoyed creating logic in Dreams, but I struggled very hard with the physic system to make 2 enjoyable pinball machines... For pinball games, physic in Dreams is just very poor, and at time buggy. Since then, quite frustrated, I started another challenge : teach myself Unity 3D and Blender (which are free and run on PC... with a mouse & keyboard, what a treat!) in order to make better pinball games. The learning curve is quite steep, but what an incredible difference with Dreams! NVidia PhysiX is so smooth, enjoyable and easy to understand. C# so much better than the frustrating logic system in Dreams. For me, if you’re a capable programmer, don’t waste too much time & efforts in Dreams. A real game engine is quite something else!

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