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  • stivab14
    stivab14 left a comment
    Good job
  • I_Am_Epic_5
    I_Am_Epic_5 left a comment
  • Dr_WhoData
    Dr_WhoData left a comment
    Thanks for releasing all your wonderful characters for the community. They are wonderful.
  • Dahowl
    Dahowl left a comment
  • skaraXXVI
    skaraXXVI left a comment
  • Mazz_93rco
    Mazz_93rco left a comment
  • lonniloves_
    lonniloves_ left a comment
    The monsters are incredible!
  • b_81_v
    b_81_v left a comment
    Great work
  • intezz
    intezz left a comment
  • LexRevolter
    LexRevolter left a comment
    Coolest monsters by far
  • immortalbeing
    immortalbeing left a comment
    What's the name of your WIP game?
  • Mike__1983
    Mike__1983 left a comment
  • TheBacaMan
    TheBacaMan left a comment
  • immortalbeing
    immortalbeing left a comment
    If you need any ideas, have you seen the Pigfaced Orc model range by Kev Adams for Dark Fable Miniatures?
  • JumboTumboGlumbo
    JumboTumboGlumbo left a comment
    Such amazing details in all your models. They Must take ages to make
  • Bendypbpedrobarb
    Bendypbpedrobarb left a comment
  • buenoofspain
    buenoofspain left a comment
    Good games
  • Weapon_X
    Weapon_X left a comment
    Great work!
  • Demon-XVIII
    Demon-XVIII left a comment
    Hey typhus Uncivil here, still looking for people who need some monsters etc? lol
  • immortalbeing
    immortalbeing left a comment
    Hey Typhus, what's your favorite Nurgle unit? Pox Maggoths look pretty cool to me. Like a mix of Maggot, gorilla, and mammoth.
  • ganddorf132
    ganddorf132 left a comment
    You still play? Wanna collaborate on a mech. It flesh and steel. It have way done. Can send pictures to see if it worth your time. Contact me anytime.
  • moorpheus663
    moorpheus663 left a comment
    Just WOW !
  • BTY_096
    BTY_096 left a comment
    Would i be able to collab you on an upcoming horror 3rd person shooter game im making?
  • ReDragone96
    ReDragone96 left a comment
  • MysticalTest
    MysticalTest left a comment
  • immortalbeing
    immortalbeing left a comment
    I've started a PSN chat group called The Dreams Horror Creator Thinktank, with Mattizzle1 and Thebigpier as members and a few others so far! Would you like to join? It's where Dreams' best horror creators share advice, inspiration, WIPs, and help!

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