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  • PP-UPx100
    PP-UPx100 left a comment
    I love your work!!
  • skaraXXVI
    skaraXXVI left a comment
  • Shenmu-e-
    Shenmu-e- left a comment
    Good job
  • MainTipoK
    MainTipoK left a comment
    Nice e
  • EmpaladorDArpias
    EmpaladorDArpias left a comment
  • Nuggetboi28
    Nuggetboi28 left a comment
  • x-stillou-x
    x-stillou-x left a comment
    Bravo !!!
  • Comment deleted
  • Maximate98
    Maximate98 left a comment
    Nice content
  • dtb345
    dtb345 left a comment
  • Mxyhew
    Mxyhew left a comment
    So beautiful!
  • iamyourgod777
    iamyourgod777 left a comment
    I really enjoyed fragments. Beautiful graphics, good music, it was well written and easy to comprehend. Solid voice acting. Each puzzle had just the right level of challenge and as a person who with anxiety myself the ending had me in tears.
  • KwikDrawer
    KwikDrawer left a comment
    Like the 'What Remains of Edith Finch Vibes' while still making it feel like your own unique thing.
  • Acknush
    Acknush left a comment
    Love your content, keep up the great work!
  • ZombieChocoboX
    ZombieChocoboX left a comment
    Nice content!
  • redbread67
    redbread67 left a comment
    Making good stuff!
  • n30-nu1l_404
    n30-nu1l_404 left a comment
  • DrEldarion
    DrEldarion left a comment
    CLARKE-PHIL left a comment
  • Wirtheless
    Wirtheless left a comment
    I'd offer more, but my two playthroughs were just uou guys knocking it out of the park. I think your Jam work really made a pearl. Whatever comes next is on my radar. ~
  • Wirtheless
    Wirtheless left a comment
    Two criticisms: The frames lose 30% (or 20?) in the opening walk-up. The order of lock/door colors should correspond to the ease of accessing doors, and any hub should facilitate the option to use them as a guide or not.
  • GooglyBearAlex
    GooglyBearAlex left a comment
    Idk how you made this, Its amazing, I don't have the that skill to make that

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