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  • treyvery
    treyvery left a comment
    I cant wait to play the third game
    4 days ago
  • jcpennythe3rd
    jcpennythe3rd left a comment
    Roses are red, ogers are onions, o my god, didnt lock my dungeon
    4 days ago
  • jcpennythe3rd
    jcpennythe3rd left a comment
    Baba booey
    5 days ago
  • ibby0507
    ibby0507 left a comment
    I just wanna say vortex that i support you and your games :P
    1 week ago
  • Rankeli3
    Rankeli3 left a comment
    2 weeks ago
  • gladetor-10-sa
    gladetor-10-sa left a comment
    Fnat 3 please
    2 weeks ago
  • DodjesArmy-2005
    DodjesArmy-2005 left a comment
    I'm so hyped for fnat 3 !
    2 weeks ago
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  • ematic210
    ematic210 left a comment
    Hi make fnat 3 tomorrow pls
    3 weeks ago
  • tensazangestu
    tensazangestu left a comment
    4 weeks ago
  • VGlad_YT
    VGlad_YT left a comment
    I really liked FNaT 1!
    a month ago
  • mighty358apple
    mighty358apple left a comment
    a month ago
  • wildman_wls
    wildman_wls left a comment
    I wanna know when you make polar 1 in vr will it be the exact same or like a remaster? Also if you keep making these play as the killer games then you might have your own dbd killer esque game collection
    a month ago
    • Mystical_Vortex_
      It will be a remaster, but its probably not going to come out for a while, because im still learning how to make VR games. I'll also be making alot of my other games VR compatible. Yeah, i was planning on doing jason or pennywise next
      a month ago
  • OrzelPL
    OrzelPL left a comment
    a month ago
  • Funkyboyrs
    Funkyboyrs left a comment
    a month ago
  • coolmoc
    coolmoc left a comment
    I wanted to scream when I found out the Doctor was involved with my wife, but that was so long ago. I've moved on to liking Taylor Swift. If I was getting my suit worked on, I'd like to say she'd be the only Taylor I would go to. - C.
    a month ago
  • siclesjr77
    siclesjr77 left a comment
    I love your games
    2 months ago
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