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Lobselvith_Black is a member of the Dreams community and this is their profile.

people call me Lobs, I have some experience doing mod work with HL2 way back in the day, 3dmax, some sound editing, photoshop, and made a sort of popular minecraft texture pack years ago that is still getting downloads today surprisingly. "Silent Hill Texture Pack"

I'm currently working on "Zombie Survival Simulator" in dreams which will take up most of my time because there is so much work that needs to get done on it, from testing out logic to make sure the things I have planned will work in the game, also sculpting buildings, flora, zombies, recording sounds, and doing some voice work because its a pain to play a game where you have to read everything. :-p

I'm a big fan of Silent Hill, and super looking forward to CyberPunk 2077, also FF7 remake! I play video games on PC also.

I love camping, Snow, rainy days, mostly cool temptures I hate it when it gets too hot! O_O /throw table lol

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