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  • Tedison_07
    Tedison_07 left a comment
    Nice Christmas background.
  • BobTheGreatKing
    BobTheGreatKing left a comment
    Oh hey thanks for the follow! Also, WOW. You make so much great assets, I don't know how I didn't notice your account sooner!
  • moorpheus663
    moorpheus663 left a comment
    Hi Friend 😄 your Christmas stuff is incredible of beauty , Church is one of best thing i've ever seen ❤️ I'll put Credits into and out the Crea for sure when found a final ! Many Thanks my Dr !
  • PanichMark
    PanichMark left a comment
    If you don't want to lose me, my ArtStation is the same - PanichMark, I'm now chilling on blender, trying to remake Kaiserpunk assets, and maybe the whole game itself? Who knows
  • Issho_106
    Issho_106 left a comment
  • HideNSeekGalaxy
    HideNSeekGalaxy left a comment
  • Vitalii_89UA
    Vitalii_89UA left a comment
    Good luck and inspiration in creating dreams!
  • crilhb
    crilhb left a comment
    Any suggestion .
  • A_55-B86
    A_55-B86 left a comment
    Thanks for the support
  • xXchillITbangXx
    xXchillITbangXx left a comment
    Thx vor your feedback. Its help me very well.
  • canwestillbe
    canwestillbe left a comment
    Hihi hello
  • JumboTumboGlumbo
    JumboTumboGlumbo left a comment
    Your high quality assets are so good! Im glad people like you can help the community out
  • iiiWeaRiii
    iiiWeaRiii left a comment
    Good creator
  • b_81_v
    b_81_v left a comment
    Great work
  • Pig_Gamer_145
    Pig_Gamer_145 left a comment
    Cool stuff
  • Lucky8572
    Lucky8572 left a comment
    I'm your 1000th follower! :)
    Welcome to the elite club of 1000 followers. I want to congratulate you on this awesome achievement! And I hope that in this unhappy times for Dreams it will motivate you to continue dreaming! Have a wonderful day!
  • moorpheus663
    moorpheus663 left a comment
    ; ) .
  • MySpirit_1111
    MySpirit_1111 left a comment
    Hey. Thanks, for the follow! 😄
  • WhalerKazan
    WhalerKazan left a comment
  • beefyboy22
    beefyboy22 left a comment
    Could you design a master ship level? I need clever levels. Pleeeaaassseee???
  • hippo_pot
    hippo_pot left a comment
  • JubJubExtreme
    JubJubExtreme left a comment
    If you want to work on this tank project I invited you to work on the bed room assets. So you can see the camera, scale, and diection. The thermo for all should be %60 or less. So lots of reused shapes for asimbly. Let me know if you do not want to.
  • cloudrising9
    cloudrising9 left a comment
    The line of balls in the pinball game is the train waiting for the player to lower the bridge.
    If done so, the balls will flow from the station into the train cars and disappear into the ether while rewarding the player with lots of points.
  • wickedman784
    wickedman784 left a comment
    Captain, Dreams in the end september
  • JubJubExtreme
    JubJubExtreme left a comment
    That target dash was one of my first ideas. I use it in jet fox

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