• Sonnenburgx
    Sonnenburgx left a comment
    3 months ago
    Hello, I have some kind of a special request for you… I need an alpha tester for a game I am working on… are you interested?
  • coolmoc
    coolmoc left a comment
    6 months ago
    Played it, but I'm saving Above for Friday. I want to play 'Art's Dream' and 'The Pilgrim' again 1st. Great detail, love character design, Below level (climbing and the beach ambience), and ethereal nature of it. I can see you spent much care making it.
  • coolmoc
    coolmoc left a comment
    6 months ago
    Haven't played it yet - Islands, but will soon. If you want a short island experience, try my Let's Get Physical! - The Third Law (Lift Above Wonder). You play as the monkey relative of Curious George. - C.
  • Alados5
    Alados5 left a comment
    6 months ago
    Hey! Just saw your comment! First, if you thought I quitted too soon, sorry, I just wanted to show as much DreamsCom stuff as possible today haha But yeah, I said it reminded me of Rich's Masterclass, in a good way, it's looking good!
  • DerAnder_96
    DerAnder_96 left a comment
    7 months ago
    Appreciate your words. And thx for putting the lighthouse keeper in your favorite collection
  • IansaneArtist
    IansaneArtist left a comment
    9 months ago
    Thanks very much, I agree with all your suggestions! I will update the Dream in the next few days with most of these suggestion. I will try to make zombie scarier.
  • DreamTravelerNXS
    DreamTravelerNXS left a comment
    9 months ago
    Here, this will hopefully get the ball rolling a bit uiheart
  • Nitro-Arts7472
    Nitro-Arts7472 left a comment
    9 months ago
    Thats a really good use of the creator's asset, including mine. Hope to see more uiheart

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