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Prometheus (FPS DEMO)

By rothniel

  • SergioCosmopolis
    SergioCosmopolis left a comment
    Very impressive. I started gaming on Atari 2600. It's amazing to me that someone (you) can create from Dreams a game that would blow the minds of programmers from back then, or even more recently. Makes me very excited to see what people will create!
    SOULATIO left a comment
    Awesome! Keep up the good work!
  • desertheat4u
    desertheat4u left a comment
    Maybe add akimbo pistols?
  • ProjectGenesisYT
    ProjectGenesisYT left a comment
    Congratulations on the fix!
  • mindbloun
    mindbloun left a comment
    One of the best FPSs for sure. lower the sensitivity for ADS and its perfect

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